5 Things To Do To Refresh & Restart This September


After August being kind of a flop even though I set out with the best of intentions [which I wrote all about here] I'm excited for September. After being in the traditional school system for so long September always signifies the start of a new year for me way more than January 1st ever does. And it's always this time of year where I start to refresh and almost start again for those last final months so I thought I'd share all my favourite ways to do that today.



Chances are you set yourself goals to work towards in the beginning of the year which is now over 8 months ago so they might be a little outdated. So many of us hold ourselves so strict to those goals but it's pointless when those aims no longer work for us. Going back and looking at the things that we set ourselves as well as setting yourself some new things to work towards always makes me excited for the upcoming season. As always with goals and aims, I truly believe the most important thing is making them actually achievable and not setting the bar so high that you're instantly setting yourself up for instantly.


I always tend to have a little declutter at this time of year of my social media platforms. And in general, I try to keep my social platforms full of people I actually really enjoy seeing pop up on my feed. It's all too easy to get caught up in just following for the sake of it or even worse hate following. Social media is always a place that you should enjoy visiting rather than worrying what's going on in your timeline that day. And unfollowing can feel really uncomfortable so maybe muting is a better option because then you don't have to see what people are saying but don't have to deal with the awkward feeling of unfollowing.



As well as having a declutter of any social platforms something else I like to do is declutter my home. Having a really good tidy up and dealing with all the things that you've probably ignored for a little too long. So from my beauty stash to my wardrobe and finally the kitchen cupboards, I like to go through everything. Doing it over the space of a few weeks make it way easier as I'm pretty sure none of us has that much free time to spend all our time sorting things out. It's so easy for things to build up and become unmanageable but just tackling it one by one makes it way easier. And there is nothing better than the feeling that you get when you've finally done something you've been putting off for a while. 


As you can probably tell from my many posts about stationery that September was always the highlight of my year due to all the new stationery I got for school. And it's something that I've carried on to my adult life as a new diary, notepad and a few new pens is always something that makes me feel ready to tackle the rest of the year. It's something that's so small but having something new to work in always puts a smile on my face every time I reach for it. Apart from that first-page pressure, I'm not a fan of that.


Whilst decluttering and setting yourself new goals is all well and good the most important thing to do is letting things be from the rest of the year. Like I said August ended up being kind of crappy time for me but instead of spending weeks dwelling on what happened letting them be and be in the past is something that I'm going to be doing instead. And as I'm a classic worrier and over-thinker you might know that this isn't the easiest thing to do. Moving on and forward with your life isn't always easy but it's so important for your own well-being as sadly dwelling on things for too long only results in you being hurt.


What will you be doing to refresh and restart this September?

Rebecca WarrinerLifestyle