5 Thought Changing Podcasts

My love for podcasts has been well documented. Ever since really getting into them in September I've barely gone a day without listening to my favourite stations. I've shared my favourite shows in a couple of posts [read here & here]. But today I wanted to share 5 episodes that have been thought changing and provoking. 

WOMEN OF THE HOUR: FRIENDSHIP- Out of all the Women of the Hour episodes, this is by far my favourite. Female friendships aren't spoken about enough in an honest and relatable way. So often they are painted as picture perfect and that's far from reality. Lena and her guests cover some incredibly important issues and when I listened to this I instantly felt relieved. Hearing the things that I think about on a daily basis out of someone else's mouth was a big confidence boost. For years, I've wondered if I'm just not meant for female relationships but I am. Just in a way that isn't shown in the media. 

THE LIVELY SHOW: THRIVING AFTER EATING ISSUES WITH LAURYN LUX LAX - The topic of eating disorders is incredibly close to my heart. This episode of The Lively Show covers the heartbreaking story of Lauryn and her 14 year battle with an eating disorder. What made this episode so special to me was the story of how her life was saved by people who weren't that close to her and without them her life could have ended. There are so many lessons to take from this but in particular how to approach someone in a kind and respectable way if you're concerned about their wellbeing. 

MAKE IT HAPPEN: STAYING SCRAPPY, BUILDING COMMUNITY & LISTENING TO FEAR WITH BY REGINA - The presenter of this show, Jen, is one of my closest friends and out of all of season one of Make It Happen, this is by far my favourite. The term 'staying scrappy' isn't what you think you might mean. Jen & Regina discuss in depth about the importance of being crafty within your business and blogging. So often I hear people advocate investing in designers and photographers right from the get go. When really in the beginning, you can do it on your own and you learn from some invaluable skills from doing so. I love the message behind this podcast as it's something that I've done throughout the time I've been blogging and 'staying scrappy' is something I'm a big advocate of. 

THE LIVELY SHOW EPISODE 102: 10 TRUTHS ABOUT FINDING PEACE IN BEING 'AVERA'GE IN THIS SEASON IN OUR CAREER WITH JESSICA FLANNIGAN -  How often have I proclaimed my undying love for this episode of The Lively Show? Clearly not enough as I'm mentioning it again. This has been the podcast that has made the biggest impact in my life and something that I've gone back and listened to when I've been feeling blue. No one talks about it being ok to be "average" in a particular area in your life. Personally, I think many find the word offensive but there is absolutely nothing wrong with being "average". I've written an entire post dedicated to this subject which you can catch up with here

STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW - HOW TO DONATE YOUR BODY TO SCIENCE - A pretty grim topic to finish this post off with non? Anything that's at all related to health or medicine fascinates me. I've always wanted to be an organ donor but I've never thought about donating my body to science. As morbid as this might sound I don't believe that I'm going to need my body after I'm gone so why not donate it? Then maybe it can help the living in the future and medical students learn important skills. 

What are your favourite podcasts?

R x 

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