5 TV Shows That Never Get Old

There are some tv shows that just never get old for me. No matter how times I've watched them I still find myself laughing at the jokes and looking forward to the episodes. So today I've rounded up 5 of my favourites to share with you. 


Maybe because this show was on TV for years I've just become used to it but no matter how times I see the episodes I still love them as much as the first time I watched them. The jokes never get old and it never fails to make me want to move to NY and have a friend dynamic like that even though it's not all that relatable to my life. F.R.I.E.N.D.S has slowly become my comfort show and I know I can always rely on it, seasons 5-7 are definitely my favourite for sure. Whenever I think about who is my favourite character I can just never pick but Chandler is my spirit animal for sure. 


Everyday at 6pm I would sit down with my mum and watch The Simpsons so it's a show that has really happy memories for me. Now it's the show that my boyfriend and I watch together on repeat so even though it might not the most thought provoking programme it's something I will always love. Even though it's a cartoon it still tackles some hard hitting issues and promotes some good values that you can put into your own life. 


It took me a little while to get into Parks & Rec, but once I got past the second season I instantly fell in love. The storyline on the surface doesn't sound all that fun, I mean who wants to watch something about the Goverment? The genius character that is Leslie Knope makes you fall in love with the parks department and all of the staff that work there. Not only are the jokes amazing but it's such a heartwarming show and you will without a doubt fall in love with the characters. April Ludgate is my personal favourite. 


2015 was the year that I fell head over heels with Grey's Anatomy. One of my closest friends had been telling me to watch it for months and I finally craved and never looked back. I've got a mild obsession with anything hospital related, I find that world absolutely fascinating. Not only is Grey's an incredibly interesting show but the characters will suck you in to the point of no return. If you're a fan of binge watching a TV show then this is the one for you with 12 seasons at 60 minutes an episode makes it binge watching bliss. 


My favourite show out of all the ones I've listed today. For me, it's my fail safe watch and no matter how I feel I know I will instantly feel better when I've watched a few episodes of The Office. They are only 20 minutes long so it's great when you don't have a lot of time to dedicate to a show. As I'm a lover of dry wit and sarcasm the jokes never get old and neither does the love story of Pam & Jim. 

What are your favourite tv shows?

R x

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