6 Beauty Products That Can Help A Serious Case Of Flu Face


I'm sorry to keep on harping on about being sick, but it's all that I've known for the past week or so and as this is a lifestyle blog that is the only lifestyle I've known lately. And when it comes to being sick I do not do anything beauty related, the only thing I do force myself to do is brush my teeth simply because it's one of the best feelings ever when you're struggling with congestion. However, even though I don't have a dedicated routine there are a few products that I've absolutely loved using over the week and they've certainly made me feel a lot better. And as I know from my social media feeds that I'm not the only one suffering this season reaching for these beauty products might give you a little boost in your time of need. 

first things first


Regardless of beauty products if you're super sick the following is advised; 

  1. Rest, get lots and lots of rest. Don't feel bad for taking 6 naps a day if that is what your body wants then do it. 
  2. Drink lots fluids.
  3. If you do have somewhat of an appetite try to eat nutrient dense food to help support your system. 
  4. And never feel guilty for being sick, there is absolutely nothing you can do. 

a deep cleanse

Now, this is something I would advise for when you're feeling a little perkier as when you're in the throws of being sick this is the last thing that you're going to want to be doing. I'll be real here, I hadn't been washing my face AM & PM so my skin was looking seriously congested. And one of the easiest ways to solve that problem is The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask*. A wonderful refreshing deep cleansing mask that gets all the crap out of my complexion without making it feel like the Sahara desert. It does dry down to that somewhat uncomfortable cracking feeling but it's an absolute breeze to remove. Whenever my skin isn't having the best time I will always without fail reach for a deep cleansing mask first, starting with a clean slate always works wonders when it comes to feeling better. 


a rich balm

Every time I'm sick without fail my lips will always become horribly dry, painful to move, cracks start to appear and finally, they end up bleeding. So a thick rich balm that can help not only repair them but protect them as well is what I like to keep close by. I've been switching between the Lanolips 101 Ointment, formulated with lanolin, which is a natural ingredient that can hold 200% it's weight in moisture. And then the Sukin Paw Paw balm*, the two are very similar to each other but I like to switch it up so my lips don't get too used to one thing. The Sukin balm is formulated with castor oil and papaya extract and together the two create such a kind and nourishing layer of moisture to the lips that when applied overnight returns your lips to their regular supple state. 


a sleep aid

Napping throughout the day is always a brilliant idea and it seems so easy to just drift in and out of sleep. However, when it comes to settling down for the night when you're cold-ridden, coughing up a storm and can no longer breathe out of your nose it's no longer that easy. Enter the Ren Now To Sleep Spray*, this is different to any other sleep spray that I've ever tried because it's not just a blend of lavender, everyone's favourite sleep aid. Not only does it contain lovely lavender but it also contains a rich blend of frankincense which is another known scent for being relaxing and calming. And what I love about this is that it's not so strong that it's all you can smell when you're trying to sleep but it's still detectable and really helps you stay asleep for the night. I have real problems with not just getting to sleep but staying asleep too so this has been a wonderful addition to my evening routine.

a comforting skin spritz 

Facial sprays are something that I've adored for years. I never know how much of a necessity they are but they are still lovely to use and such a comfort to the skin. I've been switching between two options lately and thoroughly enjoying both of them. One is for throughout the day and then one is a dedicated part of my skincare routine. I've been keeping the Caudalie Beauty Elixer* on my desk for the past month or so and it's something I reach for a lot. Whether I'm wearing makeup or not a quick spritz of this really helps to perk up my complexion due to the grape, orange, rosemary and mint. When I wasn't feeling so hot the mint was what really made me love this as it not only smells beautiful but it's a calming scent too. Then when I have bothered to wash my face I've absolutely loved the First Aid Beauty Vitamin Hydrating Mist*. After I've used an acid toner and I want a little bit of a boost of moisture this has been my go to. It contains vitamins B5,  A and E so it's got so many bases covered already as those are not only antibacterial but anti-inflammatory too.


What are your favourite products to reach for when you're not feeling well?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty