Switching Things Up In Our Bedroom & Inspiration


For months our bedroom was a place that I just couldn't bring myself to love. I'm sure we've all had that feeling with a space where no matter what you do it just doesn't seem to work or look the way that you'd imagined. So at the end of 2017 and beginning of this year, I've been on a mission to work out a way to switch things up and here are some of the things that have only been small changes but made a big difference as well as what we're working up to doing in the long run. 

the layout

The layout of this room is probably what I've struggled with the most, it's a large room. But it's got a boarded up chimney breast which gives the room two quite large nooks and then the radiator is absolutely huge which makes it difficult to work with as we don't want to block it off entirely. 



This was the layout that we worked with when we first moved in and it worked for a while. We utilised the nooks to put in our ladder shelves and mirror, then in the other we put a large chest of drawers and this is where we put the tv. And that side of the room worked so well but on the side where our bed is what never felt right.


new layout

As you can see the biggest change is that we've moved our bed around. I prefer this layout so much more. It makes everything feel just a little more cosy and neater rather than the bed being such a huge focus of the room. As well as using one of our nooks to our advantage.


the colour palette 

We've currently got the room painted white with a pine wood floor. I adore having a white bedroom but in the future, I think we might go for a pale grey just to break things up a little bit as well as changing the floor to a dark wood, parquet effect flooring. When we first moved white was the easiest thing to go for as it meant we didn't have to be too particular with other elements in the room and could play with colour in other ways such as bedding and prints etc. Our main colour scheme is: 


A mix of greys and pinks with a heavy theme of green through out due to all the plants I've put in there. 

key pieces in the room

Of course, this being a bedroom the main feature of the room is our bed. But because it's quite a large room we're able to add in quite a few other things and our key pieces are;


Due to it being a large space with really tall ceilings something that we've found quite tricky to deal with is making the room feel full without filling it with a lot of clutter and rubbish. We've always tried to add pieces where we need and want them that serve a purpose and aren't just for decoration. Something I think we'd like to add is either a traditional wardrobe or an open clothing storage system. 

the big changes

As of right now we're just making small changes in the space, like moving things around and maybe a couple of new pieces of furniture and plants but there are a few things that we're working towards;

fresh walls 

The house is quite an old terrace and whilst it's in really good shape something that could do with a little bit of TLC are the walls. They need replastering or skimming at the least as they're not in the best shape so paint doesn't take amazingly well to them. Which brings me onto the next point, maybe a fresh lick of paint is something that this room could do with, like I mentioned earlier I'd love a light grey so it's still simple enough to style but it takes away from the starkness of the white.

new flooring

Annoyingly the floor that is down already is in brilliant condition but it's just too pale for our liking and it's not practical either. Both having dark hair and a black dog means that we're constantly having to get the hair up off the floor as you can spot it in instantly. My wish for white washed flooring is now long gone and now I'm lusting after dark wood parquet effect flooring, the ultimate dream.

adding more light in

The biggest downside I've found to living in a terrace is that there isn't a tonne of natural light and as a photographer, this is something that I rely on. So we've been wracking our brains with how to add some more light in to the room and we think that one way we may be able to do this is with a skylight. Of course, our first thought was to look on the VELUX website to see what could work in our space. And then by adding more light, this would also mean that we would need to look for a new blind too, a blackout blind preferably like these in a pale grey to keep in with the colour scheme of the room. Blackout blinds are so good for not only keeping the light out when you need them to but to also help retain heat. 


Are changing anywhere up in your home at the moment?

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