6 Body Products That Make Me Feel Incredible & Keep My Tattoo's Looking Fresh


Something I never thought I would be would is a body care snob. But after looking at my bathroom shelf and the products that I find myself reaching for the most it has become apparent that I am. And you're either a person who really cares about slathering moisturiser on after a bath or you're not and I definitely am. I haven't always been this way that's for sure but since I've adorned my body in tattoo's it pushes me to take care of it more. And also the fact I am an absolute sucker for a bath, there is nothing that makes me feel quite as good as a bath. So here are some of my favourite body care products just in case you're looking for some new things to precariously stack in your shower.



Although some might consider S&G a budget brand I can't say I agree, they are sold in Boots making them available on the high street, yes but they're pushing the price bracket of budget for me. Although they are a little more pricey than some options you can find on the high street shelves they're well worth it. I've shopped from Soap & Glory for years and have some really firm favourites from the brand. In-fact, that topic is probably worthy of its own post as I've tried so much but anyway, let's talk about Smoothie Star. This a moisturiser that is absolutely brilliant, it's something I can use either after a bath or in the morning before getting dressed as it sinks in so quickly but still gives the skin all of the hydration it needs. And the smell, oh the smell is absolutely incredible. Consisting of oats, almonds and brown sugar it makes you smell like a delicious cake and it lingers just the right amount on the skin I've found. There is an entire line with the Smoothie Star smell, their body scrub, in particular, is pretty fantastic as it sticks to the skin rather than sliding away down the plughole.


This body scrub is incredibly luxe but it's absolutely fantastic and hands down one of the best I've ever used. Which is a tough contest as I've tried so many over the years but this has the edge with its beautiful formula. It's a thick, almost like solid cleansing balm consistency but then once you start to massage it into the skin it melts but the seasalt and sugar make sure you're getting a good scrub at the same time. The combination of the oil and the scrub gives the skin absolutely everything it needs to get rid of any dead skin flakes as well as a boost of hydration. Due to it being so thick you only need a small amount so you don't get through it ridiculously quickly which is great when it's such a pricey product.


The almond range from L'occitane has been something that I've been enjoyed for years, we all know the serious love affair I had with the shower oil last year. This thick buttery balm is what I've been using on the top half of my body, does anybody else prefer to use only the most delicious smelling things up top and then don't really care about their legs? And this is what I've been using to keep my tattoo's looking bright in the summer months. Once the sun hits them they can look a little tired and worn out and this brings them back to life instantly. Of course, if you're not tattooed then this will not be a worry for you and it's just an absolutely beautiful moisturiser in general. Although not one to use if you don't like feeling product on your skin as it does take a little longer to sink in which is why I prefer to use this after a bath in the evening as it is so rich. I can still feel this on my skin the morning after but in the best way, my limbs feel so hydrated and happy after I've used this. 



As much as I love summer style I can't say sandals and Converse are the kindest things to my feet as now as I walk so much with the dogs every day my feet are getting super tough. Thankfully, I've never had to deal with any painful cracking of the tougher skin but in order to prevent that happening I make sure they're moisturised every time I get out of the shower and bath and I've been using this product from Burt's Bees to ensure that. It's not marketed as a foot cream but it's a thick buttery balm that is so good for them as it instantly softens up the hard skin and if you have a blister then I cannot recommend this enough as it's so comforting. It's incredibly nourishing, smells beautiful and is super long lasting as you only need the smallest amount to massage into the skin. My favourite way to use this and make the most of its moisturising properties is to pop it on and then find my cosiest socks and slip them on so it locks in that nourishment.



I spoke about this product in a post not too long ago [read here] and it's something that I've still been using religiously. It's such a classic beauty item and it's with good reason as it's utterly fantastic and is everything a good body cream should be. It's in-between a butter and a body milk for me as it's quite thick which does mean it's not the easiest to dispense but it feels absolutely wonderful to apply AM or PM. The consistency reminds me ever so slightly of yoghurt which I know is strange but if you've used this then it will make complete sense. And it smells a little like yoghurt too with the combination of the oats and honey. It sinks in incredibly quickly and then you can feel the moisture in the skin for a good 24 hours after which is incredible. Although I've not had to use this for this intended purpose I can imagine it being a great aftersun product as it's so kind to the skin. There a few formulations of this cult classic and I'd be really interested to see what the thicker version is like as I love this one oh so much. 


I'm on a real mission to sort out my hands this summer and try not to spend my time pulling and picking at the skin at the side of them, which is much harder than it sounds as it's a terrible nervous habit of mine. Not only making sure I've treated myself to a manicure [by someone else or by yours truly] but making sure I've got a good hand cream on standby has been so important. If my hands are hydrated then I find that I don't pick and pull anywhere near as much and this new addition to my hand cream arsenal has been helping me keep things in check. Of course, like anything from this range it smells absolutely incredible, that is a given at this point but it does great things to my hands too. It soothes any cuts and nicks [teething puppy problems] as well as giving me the hydration that I need. As I use this during the day I need something that sinks in quickly and this does within seconds meaning I can go back to typing or writing without worrying about product smearing everywhere. And of course, the metal tube packaging is the best as it means you get every last smidgen of product out and looks pretty too. 



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