6 Very Hyped Products That Are Actually Worth The Price Tag


There are always certain products that you will see pop up on your favourite beauty bloggers feed. And often it's hard to tell when something that has much hype whether or not it's actually worth it. Often these items will hold a high price tag too which makes the waters even murkier but here are 6 that I find are really worth not only the hype but the investment too. 



I've said it before and I'll say it again but concealer isn't a beauty product that I find all that exciting in the grand scheme of things. After all, it's a product that's main purpose is to hide things that you don't want on your face. I've tried so many in the past that just make the area look worse and end up drawing more attention to the thing that you don't want on display so I gave up a for a little while. There was an awful lot of hype surrounding this product and even now it's rare that I see somebody say that they don't like it. It's a solid medium coverage and the consistency is thick, almost like a cream but I never ever find this to be drying at all. It covers everything up blemish and redness wise [not one to be used under the eyes] and wears evenly throughout the day. It never bunches up on the complexion which seems to be a common problem I have with concealer. What this does to my skin is what I had hoped the highly coveted and praised Collection concealer did but that never worked well for me at all.


I know what you're thinking and yes I can hardly believe myself that I'm writing about this body cream because it is so darn pricey. But the way this not only makes me feel when applying it, it's almost like yoghurt but in the best way possible. But it's how it makes my body feel and look that is absolutely amazing and makes it worth it. Whenever I apply this, my skin absolutely drinks it up and it's sunk in within a matter of minutes and that moisture is locked in for a good 24 hours afterwards. As I've recently got back into running with Josie my legs have certainly been feeling it so after a bath I've been slathering myself in this and it's helped so much. This moisturiser holds cult status in the beauty world and it's amongst some of my favourite beauty writers must-have items. Of course, it's got a high price tag and there is no denying that but it's with good reason and there are so many variants of the product to suit you. 



Hand cream is something I'm very passionate about because if you read my post the other day about the sorry state my hands are constantly in then you will know I have to keep them moisturised. My first experience with a L'occitane hand cream was getting a free sample in a magazine and ever since that point I've loved them. They're buttery and rich but they're not greasy in the slightest and always keep my hands topped up with some much-needed moisture. As they're not ridiculously priced they make a lovely treat to yourself or a loved one.


Antipodes as a whole is something you will often see pop up, in particular in their Aura mask which is something that I absolutely love and standby. There are many other products I love as well but in particular, I've been enjoying the Manuka Honey Skin Brightening Light Day Cream*. As my skin is somewhat under control right now with blemishes my main concerns are brightness and moisture. The word light made me worry that this wouldn't be nourishing enough but it is and it sits perfectly underneath makeup, there is nothing worse than applying a product only for it to ball up within seconds. So it keeps my combination complexion happy in the hydration stakes but I've not been using it long enough to notice a big difference in the brightening department. My skin certainly looks nice and luminous even with the worst bout of hayfever I've ever had so that is saying something but I will have to get to the end of the tub to see how I really feel. What I love about Antipodes, in general, is that it's a natural brand, cruelty-free and free of any of ingredients that might make you feel a little uneasy. Often I find brands in a similar vein feel ineffective but that isn't the case with Antipodes, they're natural but they still deliver.



When I first tried this foundation I really didn't get it and couldn't understand why it was a staple in so many of my favourite beauty bloggers makeup bags. Seriously in 2011, you couldn't see somebody without this and I just didn't get it for so long. It stayed in my dressing table unloved for a good few months and then I picked it back up and within seconds I got it. I don't know what changed but it just did what everybody had claimed and then some. It made my skin look perfected but still maintained a very skin-like finish but was easily built up where I did need any extra coverage. The wear time was solid as well as the way it wore too and overall it's just a nice base, it doesn't do anything miraculous but to find a base that does everything you want to do well is a pretty good feeling. The biggest downside to this is that it doesn't have a pump which for a high-end base is pretty bad. When you're paying out that much money then it should come with such a basic thing as a pump.


This is a base product that I hear about every single day and typically I'm not crazy about CC creams or tinted moisturisers as I like to have the coverage but this really is good. It's a thick cream in consistency but it feels so good on the skin, almost refreshing whilst still providing such a good level of coverage.  And I like to use this for a couple of things, either underneath a lightweight base to boost coverage and creating a hydrating moisture sandwich that happens to have coverage. Then alone for really minimal makeup days as it still gives me enough coverage that I don't feel naked but not so much that I'm itching to get it off my face at the end of the day. If you want a lightweight base that isn't a foundation then this may be worth looking at and as it contains a really good level of sun protection which is vital all year round, not just in the summer months.

have you tried any of these cult items?