6 Current Beauty Loves

Your bog standard favourite type posts aren't something I find myself wanting to write all that often. But sometimes there are products that come along that I really enjoy and I might not be able to think of another way to feature them. And there is something so simplistic about favourite posts that are oddly comforting. So here are 6 of my current beauty loves. 

SARAH JESSICA PARKER LOVELY SHEER FRAGRANCE*: I think that celebrity fragrances often get a bit of a bad rap but more often than not they're lovely fragrances. Which leads me onto to say just how wonderful Lovely Sheer is from SJP, it's a softer and fresher version of the original with the following notes;

Top -citrus bergamia, mandarinecitrus blossom

Heart - gardenia, pink peppercorn, woody elements

Deep- ambermuskvetiver

I love the initial burst of citrus when you first spray this and then the way it settles down to more of a sweet almost champagne-like scent. It's incredibly light so it doesn't have the most amazing last power but I don't mind that too much but to create a longer lasting scent you could layer it with other fragrances in your collection. Of course when sprayed on your clothes rather than your skin it does last throughout the day, which is a good trick to get any perfume to last a little longer. 

PEARL DROPS BEAUTY SLEEP*: Whitening my teeth is something that I've always been interested in. My teeth are in surprisingly good shape considering I've never had braces or any type of treatment but they could be a little whiter. I've used and liked Pearl Drops toothpaste in the past but this is an overnight treatment that you apply to teeth and over time it will brighten them. I've been using this alongside a toothpaste from the brand and I've noticed a small difference within just a few weeks. The biggest thing is that it doesn't cause any sensitivity which when I've used Crest strips in the past I've found them to be quite painful. With a prolonged time period I do believe there could be a large difference with using these products and for the price, it's a great option. 

BATISTE STRENGTH & SHINE DRY SHAMPOO*: Ever since discovering the Co-Lab dry shampoo range I was 100% sure that I would never go back to Batiste. But a couple of their products came my way and the Strength & Shine dry shampoo was something that caught my eye. It goes without saying that a dry shampoo probably isn't going to be something that's all that nourishing to the hair. But the Batiste Strength & Shine edition is very different the majority of options out there, it leaves the hair feeling pretty soft as well as giving your hair a couple more days to go without washing. You do still need to be very of this leaving a white cast in dark hair but I don't find it anywhere near as bad as the original. 

LA ROCHE POSAY SEROZINC*: Even though I still stand by what I said when I initially wrote about this  product a few weeks ago. I've been suffering from small some under the skin bumps on my forehead and nothing I've been using has managed to get rid of them. So I thought I'd this another go and it's tackled them with ease. It's important to follow up with something hydrating as it is quite drying on the complexion but I do think it's great for a spot treatment. My biggest bugbear with this is its aerosol packaging, I think it's so wasteful and you're not really getting the most out of the product. 

LAVERA ALOE VERA AFTER SUN*: When we had that glorious heatwave in the UK I did manage to catch a bit of the sun so a good aftersun was key for cooling down my slightly scorched skin. I've had a few body lotions from Lavera, who are an all natural vegan brand and always had such a positive experience with them. So I was expecting only good things from this product and my expectations were correct. Often after sun products can be sticky and uncomfortable or don't feel like they're doing anything at all but this cools down the skin so much and it relieves any redness overnight. 

DR JART WATER FUSE OVERNIGHT MASK*: I've loved this overnight mask from Dr Jart for years now but as my skin hasn't really needed the extra hydration I've not been using it. However, as I've been using the LRP Serozinc and that is slightly drying I've been trying to counteract that with this and it's been the perfect combination. Other overnight masks can be heavy and lead to breakouts but this is incredibly lightweight on the skin due to its almost gel like formulation and doesn't leave the complexion feeling sticky or tacky at all. I can always see a huge difference in the plumpness of my skin after using this just once. 

What beauty products are you currently loving at the moment?

R x

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