Dealing With Unwanted & Unkind Judgement

We all encounter unkind and unwanted judgement at some point in our lives. Whether it be from a complete stranger or a loved one it can be very difficult to deal with. This is something that is prevalent in the online blogging world and it's not spoken about all too much as of course when you put your life online in any way there is always going to be some sort of judgement that comes along with it. Here are 4 of the best things to remember and bear when in mind when it comes to dealing with unkind judgement. 


I used to be an incredibly judgemental person and it's something that I'm quite embarrassed about. I don't think it's a nice trait to have because we don't have any right to judge anyone else because unless it's a very rare instance where it affects us personally. We have absolutely no right to judge other people's choices. Having an open and liberal mind is something that I've strived towards having and I do truly believe it's made me a better and happier person. We can never know what a person is going through or who they are unless we've lived every single day in their shoes and been put in the positions that they have. So we have absolutely no right to make a judgement on their choices or decisions. And just because it's something you might not do yourself that never means it's wrong. 


Of course, we would like to live in an idyllic world where we could happily share our lives without having to worry about what other people might say about it. But we don't and we're never going to achieve that because making a judgement of any kind is incredibly easy and almost human nature. Something I live by especially on the online world is that if I can't handle any type of feedback on what I want to share. Whether it be positive or negative, I simply don't put it into the world. And so often when we're dealing with something incredibly difficult and it could be soothing to put it out and find people to relate to. Dealing with a negative judgement, in particular, can prevent us from sharing it at all. 


So often when people are cruel with their judgements it's all too easy to think that means that they're right and that they're your truth and that is never the case. Everyone has their own thoughts and is entitled to their own opinions. So, of course, something that is someone else's opinion obviously doesn't mean it's a cold hard fact. So many things in life are subjective and it's all too easy to forget that and when people can often be so persistent with their thoughts and that they're correct and everyone should do things that particular way. 


Without running the risk of sounding a little obnoxious, in reality, who cares what a complete stranger who has nothing to do with your day to life thinks? No-one loves the thought of being disliked or someone having negative thoughts about them but it's simply impossible to be loved by everyone. I truly believe that the only people's thoughts that matter our most importantly our own and then our most loved ones. 

Do you have any tips for dealing with unkind judgement?

R x

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