6 Current Style Favourites & An A/W Style Diary


Even though there have been some days recently that have been so cold it's been less than inviting to step outside I've been really enjoying dressing for the cooler weather. And I think I've finally mastered the knack of dressing for ice-cold temperatures without breaking into a sweat as soon as I start walking with Josie which is quite the skill if you ask me. So here are 6 of my current favourite style pieces and a small style diary for the season.



Every single winter I go on the hunt for the perfect bobble hat. And last year I found it but it's blush pink which doesn't always go with everything. So I was after a cream number for a long time and couldn't find one that didn't look ridiculous on my petite noggin. Then an e-mail from Somerville Scarves* arrived in my inbox and it's like it was meant to be. It fits my tiny head perfectly, slopes back and most importantly is the warmest hat I've ever found nor does it itch which is a common issue with wooly hats.



On the super cold days, I struggle to reach for my beloved Barbour even though with the right layers you can get away with it I prefer to go for my coat with thermal pockets. However, on the somewhat warmer days that we've had, I've been reaching for it and I absolutely adore the way it looks. It's such a classic style piece and perfect for either wearing on dog walks or it can easily be dressed up a little more. They're a pricey style piece but well worth it and I can't wait to see how mine ages and wears over the years. 



Just to be super clear I am doing paid work with Ugg over on my Instagram but this post or mention isn't sponsored. I've been a Hunter welly wearer for over 5 years and I adore them. But sometimes it's nice to have something a little lighter to wear and the Kilmer boots* are perfect. They're sheepskin inside so they're incredibly warm whilst they're leather on the outside so they can withstand going through mud and water. And I love the fact that I can use them not only outdoors but then for running errands and going into town as well as they're chic for an outdoor boot.



Much like the cream bobble hat saga I always find myself on the hunt for the perfect cream jumper. And this year's offering comes from Craghoppers* a brand that I've well and truly fallen for after buying my camel coloured coat which is in the photograph above. It's a classic knit that never goes out of style so it's something that I'll be able to wear over the years and it's also something that gets more and more comfortable the more it's worn too. Paired with black leggings and moccasins or boots it's barely left my body as it's so warm.



I'm torn with my love for leather look leggings. I think they look awesome and can really make a somewhat simple outfit stand out a little more. But then there is a part of me that feels like a seal or like I've strapped two eels to my legs when I slip into them. I've been wearing mine with really chunky knits or an all-black outfit and my Barbour coat or trench coat and I adore the way they look. I just need to get over the seal an eel vibe I get from them. 



When I've not been in the woods with Josie and needed something meant to for the outdoors I've been wearing these boots from TOMS*. Again, I did do paid work with the brand but I well and truly love the boots and know they'll be something that I'll get a lot of wear out of this season going by how much I've worn them already. I've always struggled with ankle boots as so often they cut me off at an unflattering point but these sit beautifully and elongate my legs. They're so comfortable to wear all day too and black ankle boots are a style fail-safe to see you through the majority of seasons in the UK.


What style pieces are you loving at the moment?

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