The Makeup Brush Buying Guide


It took me a long time to get into the world of beauty tools. I used to use my fingers for pretty much every product and then the few brushes I did own had more than likely come out of a Christmas cracker or a cheap gift set. And if you know anything about brushes then you will know that when you use something cheap you never end up with a smooth finish. But luckily, over the years makeup tools have come a long way and you don't have to spend nearly £50 on one single brush and there are so many incredible options on the market. 



These are the latest brushes to join my collection and I'm so impressed with the quality of them. The design of them is very luxe and swish but they're still sturdy and most importantly easy to work with. In the Ultimate Brush Set* you get 12 brushes which are 100% vegan and personally, I prefer synthetic fibers when it comes to my makeup brushes as they're much easier to wash and tend to last much longer too. My personal favourites from the set are angled powder which is what I've been using with my powder to achieve a really flawless finish. As well as the tapered powder brush for my powder blush as it's just dense enough to pick the product and blend it in seamlessly. These aren't brushes that I would typically gravitate towards but they are absolutely fantastic and the entire kit is something that would make a great gift for somebody as you can find a use for every one of the brushes with ease.



From my latest brush love to my first. When I first started getting really into beauty products these were the brushes that I used. Not only had the only just been released but they were one of the first affordable brush lines that came to the market. They're not a brand that I use much from anymore but they're still something I highly recommend. Especially the following face brushes; the Expert Face Brush. Which is an incredible foundation or powder brush, it's curved so it gets into all the contours of the face with ease. And then the other stand out from the brand is the Stippling Brush which was my go-to blush brush for years. Any type of stippling brush is my preferred method of applying my blush as it leaves the smoothest finish on my skin. 

And Real Techniques are another brand that only uses synthetic fibers in their brushes, meaning that they wash well and I've had some of mine for nearly 6 years now and they're just as lovely as when I first got them. 



If you're a regular reader of this blog then you will know that my all-time favourite beauty tool brand is Zoeva. They've dominated my collection for years and they're a product that I really stand with as they not only apply product beautifully but they've got a stunning design and they wash and last incredibly well. They're reasonably priced for a single brush and then the sets that you can purchase are of great value. I have a lot of favourites from the line that include the;

- 102 Silk Finish: The perfect foundation brush for any product.

- 104 Buffer: Works beautifully with fuller coverage bases and blends any product in within seconds. 

-110 Face Shape: For concealing under the eyes or blemishes. A smaller version of the Silk Finish. 

-234 Luxe Smokey Shader: For any type of shadow but especially good for packing colour onto the lid. 


What are your favourite brush brands?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty