6 Life Mantras To Live By in 2016

Inspirational quotes are something that I absolutely love. Even though they can be a little cheesy and cliche I think they're a great pick me up when you're feeling glum. I've seen so many posts lately where people are sharing their words of the year, I can't quite pinpoint just one word for 2016. So today I'm going to be sharing my favourite life mantras that I want to live by this year. 

Get Out Of Your Own Way

Something I think we can all relate to is standing in our way. It's far too easy to talk yourself out of something and put yourself down by getting into your own mind too much. There are always going to circumstances that interfere with our hopes and dreams that we can often deal with but tackling your own self-doubt and worry is always incredibly difficult. 


Two incredibly simple words but I think that they are so powerful. I can't remember the last time I felt at ease and I'm guessing that you can't either? We live in a go go go society where our minds are constantly thinking or worrying about something. This year I want to strive to feel more at ease and peace so hopefully, my mind can stop going at a million miles an hour. 

You can measure your worth by your dedication to your path, not by your successes or failures - Elizabeth Gilbert 

When I was reading the awesome Siobhan's post on her reflections for 2016. She mentioned that she'd been reading Elizabeth Gilbert's - Big Magic and this quote stood out to her. We've all got our own idea of what success is and it never looks the same. It's all too easy to define your success by what has worked out for you. Instead of measuring it by the amount of hard work and dedication you've put into something. I've always been a big believer that you can put a huge amount of work into something and it still not work out. No matter what people say about hard work always paying off, it's not the same for every case. It seems only logical to measure your success by your dedication and that's something I'm definitely going to be carrying into this year. 



Years ago I wrote a post about worrying and a reader left a comment saying that worrying is a poor use of the imagination. It's something that I've adopted into my own life ever since. Our imaginations are beautiful things that should be used to their full potential instead of being wasted on circumstances that we've more than likely made up in our own heads. 


This is something that I wish I'd realised at the beginning of my 20's. One of my worst habits is wishing time away and constantly looking forward to the next thing instead of appreciating the now. It's so silly to wish away time that is so precious because we can never make more of it. We can always make more money, effort and a number of other things but never more hours in the day. 


We've probably all done this at some point. Whether it be in a friendship or in a relationship. Anything that is one sided isn't healthy in any sense and only results in you feeling completely down and out. It's hard to say goodbye to something even when it's not serving you right but it's so important for your own self-worth and happiness. 

What are your favourite life mantras?

R x

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