The Glow Getters

It's that not so wonderful time of the year. It's the prime season for my skin to be dull as dishwater and it needs all the help that it can get. Between the delicious but poor diet at Christmas and the below zero temperatures. It's no surprise that my complexion is looking less than radiant. Of course, the most important thing is returning my diet back to its usual somewhat healthy state. But I've also been reaching for 5 staple glow-inducing products to help me out.  

OSKIA RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL*: There's a good reason why this cleanser is so popular amongst beauty lovers. Having the word 'gel' in the title instantly makes people think it's going be foaming and drying but it couldn't be more different. It feels like Turkish delight when initially applied to the skin but once massaged in melts into a beautiful oil. Not only does it cleanse the skin but it brightens and hydrates too. I was initially skeptical about just how good this was going to be due to its rave reviews but it's a truly beautiful skincare item. 

ERBORIAN CC CRÈME*: A new brand that I've been trialing recently is Eborian, a Korean brand founded by two women with a passion for beauty. Pre-makeup application I've been applying the CC crème, it's almost a hybrid between a primer and a moisturiser. It makes my skin look incredibly healthy, even whilst tackling blemishes. It's one of those products that can be worn either underneath makeup or alone for a naturally radiant complexion. It's foolproof for making the skin look healthy and beautiful even when that isn't the reality. 

TOO FACED HANGOVER X PRIMER: Personally, I don't think there is much of a difference between hungover skin and dull skin. This primer might not increase the wear time of your base but it keeps it look incredibly fresh throughout the day. It contains coconut water and probiotics which is why it can revive even the dullest of complexions with ease. It's another great item for either wearing underneath your base or alone for those lazy days. 

CLINIQUE TURNAROUND REVITALISING OIL: This oil reigned supreme in my skincare routine during the summer. I've never seen my skin look as healthy as it did in those golden months so I've decided to bring that back into play. It's such a beautiful oil, it's not as slippy or greasy as other oils I've used in the past. The revitalising properties make light work of smoothing the skin out and helping diminish any scarring left over from breakouts and speeding along the healing process of anything that's active. This is definitely a good oil to try out if you're an oily girl who cowers in fear of them. 

PESTLE & MORTAR HYDRATE MOISTURISER*: If you were a reader of my blog last year you will remember how much I loved the hyraluronic acid serum from Pestle & Mortar. They've just released a moisturiser and just like I expected it to be, it's incredible. The weather has recently got much colder in the UK so the moisturiser I was using wasn't cutting it. In terms of ingredients, it's quite different to what I usually go for but it seems to be working absolute wonders. It feels incredibly light weight on the skin whilst still managing to deliver a serious dose of hydration. Although it's totally unrelated to the way that this product performs. The packaging makes it incredibly hygienic and dispenses just the right amount for a full face worth. 

What are your favourite glow inducing products?

R x

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