6 Of The Best Places To Get Inspiration From That Don't Involve The Internet


Recently I've had a real lack of inspiration and motivation which is something I know that we all go through from time to time. And whilst I absolutely love the internet and think it's incredible for so many things I do find that sometimes it can be a bit of drain when it comes to inspiration and be nothing more than a comparison trap. So here are 6 of my favourite places to find inspiration that aren't online. 


The internet can easily skew our perspective of things and detach us from the real world and sometimes it's not a bad thing to feel like that when you're in the need of a break. But I've found one of the best ways to seek motivation and inspiration is going out in the real world and just living, which is something that probably sounds absolutely ridiculous but sitting online isn't really living life. Surrounding yourself with people who have a similar viewpoint to you is amazing but can often lead to tunnel vision. 


There are so many incredible things about books, not only are they perfect for losing yourself in and unwinding for the day. But I always find that whenever I read I find myself brimming with motivation. And it doesn't matter what I'm reading about, it could be a book dedicated to the history of beauty products or it could be it could be a classic like Little Women or The Catcher In The Rye. But by surrounding yourself by words and indulging in someone else's passion is super inspiring. Reading is also one of the things that I've found to be most helpful when building on your writing skills and broadening your vocabulary. 


This is something that might make you roll your eyes but hear me out. I think it's almost natural to downplay any of your achievements and instead of being proud just think about all the things that you could have done differently. We've all probably encountered tough times in our life and got through it and that's something to be proud of no matter what. Being your own motivation and inspiration is something that we can all do if we just let ourselves. 


One of my all time favourite activities is people watching and I like to do this from the comfort of a coffee shop. And I'm not suggesting that you go and watch people in a slightly creepy way. But I think being around others and seeing how they behave as well as thinking about their lives and their story is fascinating. I usually try to work from a coffee shop a couple of times a month as otherwise it turns into a pricey habit but sitting nestled around other people is something I find super inspiring. 


We're probably all fortunate to have awesome people in our lives who we can talk to. And you don't have to discuss the thing that you're lacking motivation with, it can be about anything. Some of my favourite posts have come from having conversations with my dad who is in his 60's and loves nothing more than talking my ear off about the history of the railway. Looking at things from different perspectives and asking yourself different questions can soon spark your brain to think of a whole host of ideas. 


Ok so technically this one includes the internet slightly but if you download them to your phone then it doesn't have to. I love podcasts and listening to people talk about what they're passionate about. There is something so infectious about hearing other people speak about what they're striving for. And it's something that never fails to give a big dose of inspiration for what I'm passionate about. It never has to be on the same subject either and listening to something completely parallel to what you're interested in and can also be incredibly inspiring. 

Where are your favourite places to find inspiration?

R x

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