6 Of The Best Shows To Watch On Netflix Right Now

If you're anything like me you probably love your Netflix account a little too much and spend way too many hours trying to find the latest shows to binge your way through. And something I have to admit I'm pretty terrible for is rewatching the same show over and over again as my favourites are like comfort blankets to me, whenever I'm feeling a little anxious or stressed they're what I go for. But lately, I've challenged myself to watch a few new things and as I know that I always want to know what other people are watching I hope this post might provide some inspiration if you're in a little bit of a slump. 


I was painfully late to join the Stranger Things bandwagon as when this Netflix Original was released people were incredibly excited online and couldn't stop singing it's praises. And usually, whenever things are that hyped up I tend to switch off, I'm not sure why as you would think it would have the complete opposite effect. But a few weekends ago I finally decided to give it a watch and boy it is worth all the hype it's received and then some. If you're unfamiliar with what this highly praised show is about then here's a quick synopsis; it follows Will, a young boy who mysteriously disappears and whilst his friends are out looking for him they meet a young girl and quickly realise that not everything is quite how it seems in their sleepy town. If you're into sci-fi, mystery, great 80's soundtracks and love well-written and beautifully shot shows then I'd highly suggest giving Stranger Things a watch. There's a good reason why it's been so hyped up online and I doubt it will disappoint you.


Netflix's latest original series to make some serious waves in the world is 13 Reasons Why and I mentioned it in the post here but I wanted to give it another mention as it's truly worth the watch. 13 Reasons Why is tough viewing and not one to tune into if you want something to escape to as it covers the harrowing subject of teen suicide and gives an accurate depiction of what it's like to be a teenager in our current day and age. There are elements of 13 Reasons Why that I'm sure we've all had to face at some point which is why it's had such a huge impact on the people watching it. We follow the main character Hannah Baker through a series of tapes and each one is dedicated to a different person, you go from the past to present and see the tale from each character's point of view. I thought it was incredible watch and it captivates you from the first episode but it is important to note the sensitive subject matter if that's something that might cause you distress.


I'd go as far to say that OITNB is probably Netflix's most popular original series and it's with good reason. In the first episode, we meet the main character Piper before she is set to spend a year in prison for a crime that she committed years ago and the life that she is leaving behind. Throughout the series, we see all the grim aspects of prison life and the relationships that Piper forms and the strange relationship she forms with the reason that she's in prison and how she deals with that. Even though the subject matter of OITNB is somewhat serious it's such an enjoyable show to watch and you can't help but form a bond with all the characters as in the majority of the episodes you delve into the history of them and discover the reasons that they found themselves in prison. This June the fifth season will be released so it's the perfect time to give it a watch if you've never seen it.


I just had to include Mad Men in this round up because it's one of my all-time favourite shows and I believe it's just been launched back onto Netflix. If you're not familiar with this cult show it's set in New York in the 50's in an advertising agency. We predominantly follow the main character Don Draper and everything that's going on in his life as well as what's going on the in the agency as well as following the story behind all the characters that we come to know and love [or hate]. As well as getting to see some of the [fictional] behind the scenes of some of the world's largest ads we also get a peak at what a creative workplace in that era was like. Mad Men isn't one of those shows that's going to suck you in so hard that you can't stop watching but it's an incredible show and absolutely beautifully shot.


Bates Motel is a show based on the cult classic serial killer movie Psycho and is a prequel to that so we see that character before he turns into what he's shown as in Psycho. We see Norman Bates as a teenager and what his life was like then and all the relationships that he had and how he conducted himself. Bates Motel is a totally underrated show in my opinion and gets nowhere near the amount of praise that it should. The storyline, the writing and the way that it's shot are absolutely captivating. Not all the seasons are on Netflix, I believe there are 5 in total and it's up to season 4 which is still more than enough to binge your way through. The subject matter is, of course, a little gruesome but it's not something that's terrifying, just a really good captivating watch that is only the tiniest bit creepy.


This show was initially aired on ITV but they've recently uploaded all the seasons on Netflix and I'm a sucker for a period drama and still very upset that they have removed Downton Abbey. I'm sure that we're all familiar with the store Selfridges but maybe not it's history and how it came to be what it is today. We start off at the very beginning where the store is literally a hole in the ground and the British press does not wish to support such a thing and make it very difficult for Harry to get going. But slowly and surely we see the store blossom into the wonder that it is today and how they completely revolutionised how we shop. As well as seeing everything that happens in the store we get to know a little more about the man himself as well as all his staff and their stories. It's only a few seasons I believe and there aren't many episodes so the binge is only short lived but it's a great one.

What shows do you love on Netflix?