6 Products I Still Give 5* But Don't Use Anymore


Any beauty enthusiast will know that you can be in a serious love affair with a product but then you may stray from it for some reason leaving it to gather dust. It doesn't mean that you don't love the product anymore but it's just not something you find yourself reaching for and from a recent clear out I discovered that there were quite a few of those products in my collection. Products that you've more than likely heard me talk about time and time again but here is a little reminder that I think they're the bee's knees.



This cult classic cleanser was my first true cleansing love and it's something that I used for years. A beautiful cream formulation that melts makeup off the skin and then removes all impurities whilst keeping the skin balanced and topping up any moisture that the complexion may be lacking. It's a cleanser that I've always turned to when I'm struggling with an array of issues from serious cystic spots to a complexion that felt like the Sahara desert. And not once has it let me down, it's always worked without fail and for that reason, it has been part of my cleansing wardrobe for so long. As well as the fact for the quality of the product I don't find it to be ridiculously priced and I get a good few months out of a tube even with daily use. Listing all the wonderful things about this product makes me question why I've not picked it up for so long. But, some things have needed using it up and I'm on a serious oil cleanser kick. It's something that I'm slathering on all parts of my body because it's just so darn cold and my skin is really requires that extra nourishment.


There was once a time where you couldn't read a skincare post from myself and many other beauty lovers without seeing this cleanser pop up. And the name doesn't do this product any favours as so many people fear the word gel, they hear those three letters and presume that it's going to be a foamy drying mess which no-one wants to be putting on their skin. But don't be fooled by those pesky three letters when it comes to this dreamy cleanser. It's almost like Turkish Delight in consistency and once massaged into the skin it melts into oil, hydrating the skin and removing makeup. Of course, the formula is a complete dream but it's the added pumpkin enzymes that makes this cleanser so special to me. It's rare that I find cleansers do much in terms of brightening the skin but this does and when dealing with either a lacklustre complexion or one that has texture and pigmentation issues from breakouts this is wonderful. Even writing this makes me incredibly excited to use up the bottle that I have laying around and even though it's not spoken about anywhere near the amount it once was it's an absolutely beautiful cleanser. Again, not one that is horribly overpriced and unobtainable either and if you're looking for a cleanser that can do a little more than just cleanse than it might be worth looking into.



Undoubtedly one of the skincare products that has had the most coverage on this blog and with good reason to. This product completely changed the condition of my skin, it went from a cystic acne scarred mess to somewhat smooth and mostly spot free. Something I never ever thought that I would have let alone from a product that can give you change from £20 and doesn't dry the skin out beyond belief. Let me make this clear now though, this isn't something that works for everybody and it's one of those items that either works perfectly for you or doesn't agree with your complexion in the slightest and has an adverse effect. Across the globe, this has a few different formulations and in some parts of the world it's more of a spot treatment but in the UK this is an unclogging treatment for the complexion. Meaning it works daily at keeping the skin as clear as possible, dragging everything you don't want out of it as well as helping to reduce the appearance of any scars. I used this for many years and the reason why I stopped using it was because I was so scared that my skin would turn to absolute crap without it and I was maybe a little too reliant on it. So I cut it out as an experiment to see how my skin would fair and thankfully, it was ok but I know if I ever struggled with my skin again this is what I would turn to without a second thought.



Jo Malone fragrances are something that I absolutely adore, there is no question about it and they're the ultimate treat to yourself or for somebody else. This is probably one of the most coveted JM scents and it received a huge amount of hype when it was first released and it's not hard to understand why. Peony and Blush Suede is a truly decadent fragrance and is floral without being too sickly sweet, probably due to the blush suede [whatever that is, who really understands fragrance notes?]. It reminds me a lot of champagne and has an almost fizz to it which is quite a strange trait in a fragrance but if you have this then you may know what I'm talking about. And don't get me wrong, I still adore this fragrance but I've been reaching for more earthy musks at the moment over anything super floral. I'm sure that when the warmer months come around again [please let that be soon, I can't cope with the cold much longer] I'll be dousing myself in this once again.


In general, tinted moisturisers and CC creams aren't something I find myself gravitating towards and will go for a foundation anything else because I am a big lover of a flawless complexion. However, this somewhat unique product from Eborian was something that I reached for daily to go underneath a lighter base to provide a flawless base and it does just that. It's a high definition skin perfecting cream that contains balls of pigment that burst once you blend it into the skin [it goes on white]. And even though I'm not a huge lover of a tinted moisturiser or CC cream it's the best that I have ever used, the biggest downside though is the appalling shade range. 


At the end of 2014 and all through 2015 and probably 2016 I spoke A LOT about the Fresh Tinted Balms, I absolutely adored them and I still do. But lately, I've just not found myself reaching for any type of lip product whether it be a balm or a lipstick it's just not something I've been seeking out. Out of laziness more than anything else because I'm so low key with my makeup that more often than not I just simply cannot be bothered to worry about the upkeep of something. And the Fresh lip balms are very low key and such a dreamy product, they give the lips a serious hit of hydration and pack the same punch as most lipsticks in terms of pigmentation. A little challenge I'm going to set myself when I have a free hour is to go properly through my lipstick collection, be ruthless and get rid of anything I'm not using and make sure each day when I wear makeup I use something different so all the products I own get used at some point. 


What products do you love but don't find yourself reaching for anymore?

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