The Bedside Beauty Products That Make For A Great Nights Sleep


Even though I'm all too aware that wishing away your time is one of the worst habits you can have I can't deny that there are days where all I dream about is getting back into bed. There is something so amazing about climbing into [preferably] warm sheets after a long day, especially in the cooler months when sometimes it's just too painful to step outside. My evening routine is something that is very precious to me, it's something I seriously look forward to and taking off your makeup is almost as good as taking off your bra after a long day. There are a few products that I reach for every evening that make my night a touch better and send me off for a good slumber.

a guide to getting a good nights sleep


set the scene

I always think there is a fine line between having your bedroom be somewhere that is calm and peaceful and then somewhere that doesn't feel homely and is a little too much like a hotel room. I like my bedroom to be somewhere that is really cosy and inviting and almost like a little sanctuary. So things that are a must for me are;

  • Cosy bedding and comfortable pillows.
  • A good book close by. 
  • Peaceful warm lighting. 
  • Plants.
  • A glass of water near by. 

keep it cool

I am somebody who likes to be warm, being cold is something that makes me absolutely insufferable and like I'm going to snap in two. My boyfriend always compares me to that scene from The Simpsons where Grandpa is on fire but says he still feels cold. However, going to bed in an overly warm environment is something I've found isn't quite as appealing as you might think.  Having the window ever so slightly cracked and making sure there is a little bit of fresh air flowing through making sure you don't overheat always makes sure I'm set for a good nights sleep. Having that little bit of a breeze makes me want to snuggle into my duvet even further which is one of the best pleasures in life [cue Homer Simpson gif].

leave your tech alone 

Oh, the age-old piece of advice that everybody and their dog suggests but trying to keep screen time to a minimum whilst you're trying to doze off is vital. That blue light that our tech gives off is terrible for our brain and it wakes us up more rather than letting our mind settle down. One of my worst habits is settling down into bed and laying and scrolling through a million whippet videos on Instagram or getting lost in Twitter moments and I know how bad it is for my mind but I just can't help myself. It's a hard habit to get out of and for some, it's their only chance to catch up with social media. And I don't believe it's all that terrible to do it when in bed and then leave your phone alone in favour of something a little kinder to your peepers.


the products


the sleep spray

A sleep/pillow spray is quite a luxury product, I think we can all agree about that but it's something that is very, very nice to have around. Every evening, around an hour or so, before I get into bed I'll spray this onto my bedding and it's such a relaxing smell. I don't love things that are laden with lavender and this somewhat new release from REN* is the perfect blend of essential oils. It's got a bunch of lovely ingredients which help me get off to sleep a little easier than I usually do because I tend to stay awake worrying about things or feeling so anxious that I don't want to leave the house again [doesn't that sound like fun?]. And most importantly it helps me stay asleep, something I really struggle with is waking up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and then end up staying awake. Starting your day before 3am when you don't have to is not appealing and anything that can help me continue to snooze is something I want.

the resurfacing lip balm

I chop and change the lip balm that I keep my bedside all the time. And as of right now I'm reaching for an old favourite in the shape of Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment*. I can't believe that I ever let this fall to the back of my collection, in general, I highly rate the Lanolips lip treatments and balms as they're so simple but they work incredibly well [of course, if you're allergic to lanolin then you will not want to use this]. The Lemonaid Lip Treatment is a natural resurfacing treatment so think of it as a chemical exfoliant but for your lips. It gets rid of any dead and dry skin chunks that are clinging on for dear life which I'm sure happens to the best of us in the colder months. Even though this gets rid of those dead skin cells it's still incredibly hydrating and by morning your lips are returned to their usual supple state. Oh and it smells and tastes exactly like traditional lemonade which is absolutely dreamy.

the hand cream

This hand cream originally took up residence on my desk but at night I have to bring it into my bedroom because it's just so good. Yes, I'm talking about that rather dessert looking product from It's Skin*. I think if you're somebody who struggles to remember to use hand cream then picking one up that smells as good as ice cream is a good way to get into the habit. I'm one of those people who rip and tear at the side of their fingers when they feel stressed so I like to try and repair that damage as much as I can by slathering them in hand cream before bed. And I adore the formulation of this one as it's super hydrating but it's not greasy in the slightest which is why it also lives on my desk. Sadly this wouldn't be something that you take on the go as it's in quite large bulky packaging.


What are your favourite products to use in the evening?

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