6 Simple But Effective Beauty Self-Care Acts You Can Do

Everyone has different forms and self-care and usually mine is to do things that make me really happy like exercise, spend time with my loved ones, read and most importantly rest. But sometimes we don't have time to do this and for me, the most simple but effective form of self-care is always my beauty routine. And it doesn't have to be long and luxurious bubble baths or expensive facials. Sometimes it can just be as simple as a hot shower and that makes all the difference in the world so here are 6 of my favourites simple acts of self-care. 


I'm a bath girl through and through and would always rather take the time to have a bath for 10 minutes over anything else but lately, I've been enjoying showers a little more. Which is very unlike me as I really don't like them that much and maybe it's because I've had far too many soggy dogs walks just immersing myself under a hot flow of water has felt wonderful. And when you've had a rough day sometimes just 10 minutes with the warm water flowing all over you can completely lift your mood. Some of my all time favourite shower products are;


There is no denying that I'm very lazy when it comes to washing my hair. And even though I'm all too aware that it's much better for my tresses to be left alone as much as they can there is something about freshly washed hair that makes me feel like a new person. I can't quite pin point what it is but there is something just so good about clean hair. Even though it's always far too soft to do anything with and never holds a curl it's still wonderful. I know when I'm really not feeling my best using a product that will really get my tresses squeaky clean [in the best way] will perk me right up.


You're either someone who enjoys moisturising your body or you're not. I'm sure there is ever an in-between with this beauty ritual and I love nothing more than slathering myself in as many lotions as I can find, it's a miracle that I don't slide around the house, to be honest. You don't need the priciest lotions in the world and you don't need a separate product for each area but just a rich buttery cream to massage into your limbs is something I find so comforting. A few of my most reached for are; 


I've always loved painting my nails, ever since I was a teenager and I was allowed to it's something that has always made me incredibly happy. And for a while I was never without a manicure but as I've got older and a little bit lazier I've let my standards slip which my nail beds are probably pretty grateful for. Being able to look down and see a beautifully glossy manicure is something that makes me so happy, as simple as it is it even makes my work day a little cheerier when I'm sat typing all day. Instant happiness shades look a little something like;


Even if I'm not going out for the day or just taking Josie out and then sitting at my desk all day I will always take the time to spritz on a fragrance. It takes no time at all to spray on a scent that you adore and makes you feel absolutely amazing and then you get to catch a sniff of it all day.  Fragrance is one of the most personal beauty rituals I think we have as what we like in our scent differs so much from person to person. I always like something with a little bit of musk, floral, wood and anything that has vanilla in is a sure fire way to win my fickle beauty lovers heart. Fail safe scents for me are; 


Whilst everything I've mentioned adds up to make you feel awesome something I will always try and do when I don't feel great, especially mentally is just getting myself ready for the day. It's not always easy and sometimes I definitely don't feel like it but like I said my beauty routine is a form of self-care to me, it's how I pick myself up when sometimes I don't know how to. And most of us get ready for the day without even thinking about it and it's become a natural part of life but sometimes it can feel like the most difficult thing in the world. Between my mental health often being dire and working from home it's all too easy to slip into the habit of not bothering to brush my hair or wash my face. But getting ready for each day is something that I've found is key for keeping my mental health a little bit more in check and others can say beauty rituals are silly and vain but I think they're so much more than that to so many people. 

What are your favourite beauty self-care acts?

Rebecca WarrinerBeauty