6 Things I'm Going To Be Doing This September


After sharing a similar post to this in August it pushed me to write one for September. Turns out writing down what I want to achieve and making myself somewhat accountable is something that works pretty well for me. Last month, however, it turns out that I didn't do so well on the goals front, even though I started off strong August is always a dire month for me. With the anniversary of my mum's death, I know my brain needs things to be a little slower. September, however, is for fresh beginnings and that leads me onto the things that I'm going to be working towards this month. 


Just getting through the day to day to-do list is tough enough sometimes and I'm always wishing that there were more hours in the day so that I could possibly get everything I want done. But sadly there isn't and time is already pushed but something I want to make a conscious effort to do is to set myself more personal projects to work on. I get caught up with work constantly and so often forget to just create things for myself and it's something that I miss so much. Everything I do usually has an end goal and I'm so guilty of forgetting to make anything for fun. Or even allow myself to have any hobbies, I really got into knitting last year and it might be something I pick up again this A/W. 


It's funny really when I think about it because I use social media on a daily basis but sometimes I can go without talking to anybody. I'm such an introvert and pretty shy in social situations and that follows through into my online world. I talk myself out of connecting with so many people out of irrational fears and it's something I really want to get myself out of. Making the effort to connect with others through tweets and comments is something I want to make sure I'm doing this September.



To say that my fitness routine took a hit this Summer would be a massive understatement. I'm always trying to be as kind to my body and mind as possible because fitness is something that I rely on to keep my mental health in check. But with getting Josie and generally not having much spare time on my hands it's meant that I've not been getting to the gym as often as I would like to. Which has meant my 2017 goal to build more muscle has been put on the back burner. I never have a tonne of goals when it comes to fitness as it's just something that I do because it makes me happy but I would love to feel stronger and I'm struggling to pick up Josie anymore so that has got to change. 


My work habits are all over the place at the moment as I'm finding it tough to get into a routine. With my boyfriend coming on and off tour it messes with my routine quite a lot and even when he leaves I find myself struggling to get back into things. This September I really want to work towards working smarter and having a good routine back in place. I'm not someone who works well in chaos and find that my mental health really takes a hit when things aren't somewhat structured. And I love my job, sitting down at my desk and creating content is not only what I need to do to make a living but it's something that is part of who I am and when I don't get to do properly I feel like I'm missing something.


Ugh, Autumn is on its way and I know everyone in the blogging world seems to absolutely love the season but I don't share the same sentiment. I suffer from SAD so when the evenings are rolling in and I'm waking up in the dark it really takes a tole on me and not in a good way. But one thing I do sort of enjoy is transitioning my wardrobe to the cooler months. Even though mentally I might not like the season I do love the style that comes with it and I'm so looking forward to wearing my Barbour jacket more.


It feels a little bit weird writing that sleep is on my September to do list but after months and months of sleeping so badly it's something that has become a priority for me. I'm sure it's pretty obvious why sleep is so important and it's only until you start sleeping badly do you realise just how much it affects you. Waking up and still feeling absolutely exhausted is awful and when you're doing that day after day it really takes a toll on you. So things like making sure I'm going to bed early enough and having a consistent bed time as well as things like not scrolling through my phone as we all know that is a recipe for disaster are things I'm going to be working towards.


  • Use a face mask at least once a week. 
  • Declutter my desk drawers.
  • Keep on reading. 
  • Possibly purchase a new clothing rail as my IKEA one has seen better days. 
  • Repot my plants. 

What are you going to be doing this September?

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