A Few Ways To Get Over Having A Bad Day/Week/Month


This wasn't the post that I had planned to write for today but after sitting way too long in front of my screen in a bad mood and not getting anything else out of my annoyed brain it seemed appropriate. Some people can let their bad moods wear away naturally but I am not one of those people. Unless I make a conscious effort to dig myself out of my bad mood black hole they tend to get worse and not only take over my entire day but go on for weeks. I'm a big believer in not shunning away negative emotions, no-one is ever happy constantly and letting yourself feel that bad mood as hard as it can be at the time is important. But not dwelling and letting those negative emotions consume you can be difficult but here a few things I know work every time without fail.



I'm sure we've all seen somebody say 'you don't have a reason to be upset' and when you're riled up it's like throwing gasoline on a flame. And sometimes you don't need a reason to be in a bad mood or upset because it's a completely normal emotion. When somebody is happy we rarely hear somebody say 'why are you so happy?'. Usually, bad moods that just pop up like this don't tend to last long but they still happen and you don't need to explain it to anybody if you don't want to. And there is always going to be someone out there who has it worse than you in that moment but that's no reason to not allow yourself to be in a bad mood. 


I'm the queen of sitting on my emotions and not letting them out when I should. It's not a healthy habit or something that anybody should do but I'm sure we've all done it at some point. When something is bothering you letting it out in some sort of fashion is healthy, for some people that might be writing everything down and for some it might be having a good cry. I'm usually the latter, you don't have to sit in bed or on the sofa for hours wallowing in self-pity. But just getting it out always makes us feel better and I don't know anyone who doesn't feel a little better after having a good cry.


Like I said, I tend to sit on my emotions and I hate talking about things that bother me and always tend to think that if I just ignore things then they'll go away. And that can work short term and for some things you do just have to move past them. Talking it out is never that easy and having the courage to do so is hard but the more you do it than the easier it becomes. It's easy to feel like you're a burden even with the people who you know care about you. They probably want to know what is bothering you and don't want you to feel alone. It never has to be a big dramatic conversation, just a quiet and calm talk can work wonders and give you a little bit more peace of mind and allow you to move past your bad mood. 



When something has really bothered you it's all too easy to let it take over everything and it's never that easy to move on but dwelling on it and bringing it up constantly never does anybody any good, not for you or the people around you. Putting a pin in it, whatever the situation is [within reason, some things take more time] and moving past it is not matter how slowly is so important for getting out a funk. Everyone at some point in their life whether they choose to share it or not goes through a bad time and everyone gets annoyed or irritated or something. Whenever I'm trying to move past it I have to tell myself not to mention it anymore and when it comes to mind try and instantly move my thought pattern onto something else. 


If there is ever a time to do whatever you want to make yourself feel good it's when you've been in a bad mood. I have a few different go to's depending on what's been going on and here are the ones that work everytime for me without fail;

  • Exercise, a classic suggestion but breaking a sweat does my mind wonders whether I'm in a in bad mood or really anxious. 
  • Getting outside for a walk. 
  • Having a bath/shower - weirdly washing my hair always cheers me up even though it's a total time suck. 
  • Reading.
  • Watching a documentary, Netflix have released a bunch of new ones recently and they're so good. 
  • Listening to a podcast. 
  • Anything related to beauty, even decluttering my dressing table cheers me up. 

What do you do to get yourself out of a bad mood?

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