6 Things That Boost Body Confidence

We're now fully immersed in bare limb season so it's nice to feel as confident in your skin as possible. And I'm a firm believer that self-confidence and love is something that comes from deep within. But there are a few beauty products that help me feel just that little better when baring my limbs to the world. 


SOAP & GLORY PULP FRICTION: Exfoliating your limbs can offer so many more benefits than just sloughing away any dead flaky skin cells. It also helps to increase blood flow and circulation which in turn helps limbs to look healthier. This product from cult classic body brand S&G is a fail-safe in any summer body routine. It's not like many other exfoliating options as it's a paste that sticks to the skin so you don't lose the majority of the product down the plughole. It's a tough scrub that really gets to work at getting rid of any dead dry skin that might be clinging on but the infusion of oils means it doesn't make your limbs feel parched of hydration. 

FRANK COFFEE SCRUB*: Coffee scrubs are a little more fussy and pretty messy to use but their skin benefits are undeniable. Frank is well known for their awesome blends, my particular favourite is the peppermint* as it adds a fresh twist on the traditional coffee scent. Even though this product takes a little bit extra effort it makes the skin feel incredibly smooth and limbs instantly look healthier. As the coffee really helps to invigorate blood flow and the classic blend of oils helps with hydration. If you don't want to purchase a premade coffee scrub then you can formulate your own and add the oils in that you prefer. 


FRANK BODY BALM*: This product is like the body version of the cult Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. It's not something that can be used on a daily basis as it's quite thick and heavy and takes a while to absorb into the skin. But as an after shaving treat, it adds so much moisture to the skin that it makes your limbs glow and feel absolutely incredible. Personally, I like to add a  dollop of this to whatever moisturiser I'm using so I can reap all the benefits without the stickiness. 

GARNIER ULTIMATE BLENDS BODY LOTION: Thick buttery products are always tempting to reach for in the warmer months but so often they're too heavy for such sticky climates. The Garnier Ultimate Blends is the perfect combination of hydrating without being too overwhelming and it sinks into the skin immediately. The combination of the oat milk and almond cream is a dreamy combination for limbs that tend to be a little sensitive but in dire need of moisture. This blend, in particular, smells incredible but it's not so highly fragranced that it interrupts your perfume. 


CAUDALIE DIVINE LEGS: I'm not a lover of fake tan, it just doesn't work well with my skin and it seems to be a complete disaster when it comes to tattoos. However, I like products that can give my skin a glow and a subtle hint of colour which can help to disguise any bruising, spider veins or just general discolouration in the skin. The Caudalie Divine legs works a little bit like a foundation for the body and it provides you with an incredible healthy glow. It's a wash off affair so you don't need to be too worried about it staying around for days if you make a mistake. The key is to prep the skin properly before application to avoid any patchy colour build up. 

ARGAN DRY BODY OIL*: Oils are well known for making the skin look incredible and give you that model glow. But of course, no one wants to slip and slide around and have to wait hours before they can get dressed. And this is why dry oils are fantastic because they give all the hydration of an oil but as they're dry they sink into the skin a lot quicker and they don't make the skin feel as slippery. If you don't want to purely use an oil on the skin then you can add a few drops to your moisturiser for an added hit of hydration and glow. 

What are your favourite body products that make you feel confident?

R x

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