How I Keep My Blog Organised & Post Daily

One question I often get asked is how I organise my blog and how I post daily. Now the two are very personal and how you run your blog and your posting schedule is very much up to you. So please don't take this post as a this is what you should be doing because it works well for me. But I know how interesting it can be to look into the process of how people run their little internet spaces. So I hope that this insight is interesting at least and might be helpful in some way with organising your blog. 


Running a blog is a lot more than just simply taking a few nice pictures typing some words, it takes a lot of planning however you run it. Planning what you want to do is key to keeping things organised and flowing. And when you're juggling a blog with other life commitments it's all too easy for things to get a little hectic. In general, I like to use a notepad to jot down every single thing that comes into my brain down so nothing gets forgotten and use it make more of a cohesive plan. I always start with my schedule and then as I like to write beauty, lifestyle and the odd style, interiors and fitness post. I then brainstorm ideas for each of those categories. Once I have the ideas this is how I plan the images, copy, post and social media; 


  1. Tone of the post
  2. Write 
  3. Add links 
  4. Proof read 


  1. Background
  2. Products
  3. Props
  4. Angle 


  1. Bloglovin
  2. Twitter
  3. Tumblr
  4. Pinterest


  1. Image order.
  2. Paragraph flow. 
  3. Relevant links
  4. Overall aesthetic. 


Posting daily content means having a schedule is key and I like to use my iCal to keep everything on track. By having it all in one place it allows me to see what content is going up when and what I need to work on. It works essentially as my editorial calendar [that phrase makes it sound totally pretentious] but that's what it is. Whatever your posting schedule I think having some sort of calendar works incredibly well as it's a fail-safe way to help you find your groove with what content you enjoy creating by being able to see it in one place. 


The most important thing about blogging is that it works for you and your life. It's not something that should ever become an unpleasant process when for hundreds of thousands of people it's nothing more than a hobby. If your blog isn't working for you then it will soon become something that you resent and you never want to feel that way about something you started with such a huge passion. 


When I switched over to Squarespace I had no idea how much it would help with organising my blog. As in the Blog portion of the back end of my website it allows me to organise my content into different sections. So ALL is obviously all my content in one list, DRAFT is where I keep posts that only have photographs. REVIEW is where I keep all my posts that have been photographed and the copy has been draft written. And then finally in SCHEDULED is where all my posts go when they're ready to go live, been proofread and social media has been scheduled. I know in Blogger you can do a similar thing but I'm a little unsure about how Wordpress works. It's such a simple thing to have but it works incredibly well to see all your content organised into different sections. As when you create daily content it's all too easy for things to get lost and become more complicated than they need to be. 


For years of writing this blog I had no schedule, no workflow and just posted whenever I felt like it. And I loved that stage of blogging as it was incredibly carefree but I absolutely adore where I'm at right now. Working to a schedule means I have to push myself and work to my own blogging brief. But what works for one person will not work for anyone else in the same way so it's important to explore what works for you and your lifestyle. I love creating daily content but it's not the only way to blog and it doesn't work for everyone's content so no one should feel the pressure to do it. It's taken me 5 years to find my groove with my blog and it's all come from exploring and experimenting with different methods which were incredibly fun. I think everyone should take the time to explore how they like to blog and discover their own process without outside pressures and expectations. 

How do you organise your blog?

R x

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