6 Underrated Beauty Products

In a world that is full to the brim of new releases and the blogging world is never quiet it's all too easy for beauty gems to get forgotten about or be left in the dust for something new and shiny. And there are so many awesome products out there that don't don't quite the love that they well and truly deserve. I've got 6 of my favourite underrated products to share with you today and of course I want to know all about the products that you think are hidden gems. 

ANTIPODES SKINCARE: The Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey mask is something that's incredibly popular in the skin care world but the rest of the Antipodes line is something that I don't think gets enough love at all. Everything that I've used from their line is something that I've loved and it's become a firm part of my routine and done exactly what I've wanted it to. Maybe it's because their products don't make crazy bold claims like some other brands do so they get forgotten about but they make awesome reliable skincare that works every time. A few less hyped products from the brand that I love are the Grace Cream Cleanser, Hosanna Serum and Rejoice Moisturiser

SOAP & GLORY SMOOCH OPERATOR*: Out of all the brands, I'd think I'd go to for a lip balm Soap & Glory isn't one of them. Their body care and beauty products are awesome so it's no surprise that their lip balm is also great. When first applied it doesn't feel like anything too special on the lips but it gives a serious boost of hydration without the thick or sticky formulation. It creates a barrier effect on the lips so it's one that works well for running outdoors in Winter to prevent any painful chapping. As it's in a pot it's not the easiest to take on the go but it's so good when used either before bed or when you're applying your skincare. 

LIZ EARLE BOTANICAL ESSENCE NO15: Liz Earle is of course incredibly well known for their skincare but I think that their perfumes are absolutely incredible. My personal favourite is the No15 Essence. As I'm really terrible at describing scents here are the notes in the fragrance;

Top notes: Clove, bergamot, cinnamon, elemi, pink pepper

Heart notes: Cedar, damask rose, patchouli, cypriol, vetiver, sandalwood

Base notes: Tonka bean, bourbon vanilla, guaiac wood, benzoin

It's quite a spicy somewhat masculine fragrance but the hint of damask rose and vanilla gives it that edge of feminity. The longevity of this perfume is one of the best that I've ever used. If you spritz some on your hair or clothes it's something that lingers for days so if you struggle with your fragrance lasting this is a lovely option. They are quite expensive but from a high-end skincare brand it's nothing too out of the ordinary 

CHARLOTTE TILBURY BEACH STICK*: Charlotte Tilbury has become an incredibly well-loved brand across the board but her beach sticks aren't something I hear too much about. They're a cheek and lip product that leave a creamy and dewy finish to the skin adding instant radiance and glow. They deposit a lovely fresh pop of colour to the complexion with dragging down the skin which can often be an issue with powder products.

ACCESSORIZE NAIL POLISH*: I used to work in Accessorize/Monsoon a few years ago and it was always the place where I knew I could find a beautiful jewellery piece or adorable key ring. But their beauty line wasn't something that I was all too interested in but they relaunched the line last year and they did an incredible job. Their nail polishes, in particular, are awesome and at £5 they sit just in the middle of the price spectrum of the high street. They behave in the same way Essie polishes do with the wide brush and opaque in one or two swipes and the rose gold top and the hexagonal bottle. Is what makes these polishes feel and look a lot more luxe than the price tag suggests. 

CLINIQUE CHUBBY HIGHLIGHTER: Clinique is probably most known for their three step skincare products. Their makeup has made waves in recent years and the highlight and contour sticks from the brands were incredibly popular when they were first released but like so many other items they've been left behind. When I want a product that's going to make a big difference in my complexion but easy to use in a rush this is what I reach for. The chubby stick packaging makes it incredibly easy to use and you can easily blend the product with your finger. It's a shade that is definitely more suited to paler girls and it's a shame that they don't have more shades available as it's a lovely product. 

What are your favourite underrated products?

R x

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