Sharing My Sidebar #6 & Ad Shop Update

It feels like it's been a long time since I sat down and put together one of these posts but it hasn't. July seems to have flown by and plodded on at a relatively slow pace all at the same time and now we're nearing August. I can't quite believe where 2016 is going but here we are at the 6th edition of sharing my sidebar and I've got some great blogs to share with you today. 

Kasey created the blog Kase Styles as a place for everyday inspiration whether it be about style or the smallest pleasures in life. She currently works as a photo coordinator so her content is visually stunning as well as being so well written that you always find yourself sucked into whatever post it is. I always love seeing blogs from the US and how much their content differs to us girls in the UK and I feel like with Kasey's blog I really get a taste of life in WI. Keep up to date with her over on; 

Asilda Store is an online destination for patches and pins all centred around photography and living wild & free. Pins and patches have become incredibly popular in the last year or so but these items from Asilda are completely timeless with their message and the ethos behind the brand. If you've got a photography or travel lover in your life then any of these items would make the perfect gift. Keep up to date with the store over on;


Just a little update on the ad store. My ad shop is still open and running but it will no longer run through Passionfruit, ever since March they've withheld a large amount of money from their customers which of course is completely unacceptable. So if you've purchased a gold ad spot from me that will still run through until the end of the year. But any new ads will now be processed through me so please email me at for more information. 

R x