7 Beauty Products That Are An Absolute Pleasure To Use

I often wonder if maybe I expect a little too much from my beauty products. Of course, I not only want it to do exactly what it promises but then there are other factors that I take into consideration when buying and trying too. I want what I'm using to be an absolute pleasure to use as well as look aesthetically pleasing then other factors like price and how many uses I can get out of it also come into play. So it's a tough brief for any beauty product to attempt to meet but here are the ones that tick all of those boxes.


It's not hard to tell in my collection that I favour one fragrance brand more than any others. I've got such special memories with the Jo Malone brand and they signify something so sacred to me as they've always been a gift to celebrate precious moments in my life. Not only is the simplistic design dreamy but the delicious, innovative and decadent scents on offer are truly amazing and there is just something about spritzing on a JM fragrance that makes me feel incredibly special. I don't use them on a day to day basis as they just feel too precious but I know that whenever I might be in need of a pick me up I can rely on them. So many people struggle with the longevity of these cult fragrances and even though it's not something that I've ever found to be an issue it is worthwhile knowing as they are incredibly pricey.


I'm a big lover of makeup brushes even though the beauty industry has moved onto more advanced ways to apply your makeup I'm always going to be a brush lover and one of the brands I adore is Zoeva. They completely knocked my Real Techniques brushes off the top spot over 3 years ago now and I haven't look back since. Not only do they apply product beautifully which of course is the main aim of a makeup brush but the way that they're designed and how easy they are to wash is incredible. Using a brush for over 3 years you start to expect it to lose a few bristles or generally become a little worn but this hasn't happened at all with mine even though they're used every single time I wear makeup when washed they still feel as lovely as they did when they were fresh out of the wrapping. I stand by the fact that makeup brushes are an investment and worth spending a little bit of money on as they can completely change the way that products behave but for the quality, Zoeva brushes are pretty reasonable.


Base products are something that I tend to spend a little more on that's no secret and even though there are a few budget options out there that I love I will always be a sucker for a high-end base. And probably the most luxe and most desirable to use in my stash are YSL bases. They have a wide range so you can choose what works for you and I'm a big fan of the Youth Liberator and the Le Teint Touche Eclat*. The two are very different as the YL is a serum-based medium coverage foundation whilst the Touche Eclat* is incredibly lightweight and adds a beautiful glow to the skin whilst still offering up a good amount of coverage. The formulations are absolutely beautiful and even though the packaging is absolutely divine and totally luxe they're not completely impractical which can sometimes be the case with luxe base products. The biggest downside to these dreamy bases aside from the fact is that they're obviously pricey is that they're scented. So that could cause an issue for some people and I know how fortunate I am not to be bothered by it and I personally love the scent of YSL products as it only adds to the joy of using them. 


Having luxe haircare is not a necessity by any means and there are some awesome budget options out there, I'm a big fan of the Garnier Blends range for one. But the Davines haircare range is a line that I've absolutely fallen in love with and when it comes to hair wash day which we know isn't very often it's a real treat to use products from this brand. Not only do their washing products make my hair feel beautiful but their styling products are also awesome and do exactly what they say they're going to do. Out of all the beauty areas I think are worth investing in personally, it's hard to know whether haircare is one of them as I find it depends on so many factors from lifestyle to budget. But as I rarely wash my hair it's nice to have something a little more decadent that I know works beautifully and benefits my hair rather than just cleaning it. 



Facial sprays aren't a necessary step in a skincare routine but they certainly are a nice one. A brand that I've found offers an awesome middle ground in terms of price is Pixi and I'm sure we all know that I'm a big fan of their products in general but I've really fallen for their facial sprays. The Hydrating Milky Mist and the Glow Mist are two firm favourites but it's one of those items that's difficult to pinpoint exactly what it's doing apart from adding some serious glow to the skin as they do contain hyaluronic acid which is a known ingredient for adding glow. I use a spray like this in the AM after cleansing or throughout the day when my skin is feeling a little drab or dry and they feel incredible. A total Princess beauty product for sure but who doesn't enjoy when a product can make them feel that way? 


There are plenty of skincare brands that I love and in the long run, would probably go for over Oskia even though it's a brand I absolutely adore. When it comes to cost and how extensive the product range is Oskia doesn't quite tick all those boxes. However, something Oskia certainly does know what to do is create a beautiful product that feels incredible on the skin. Between the Renaissance Cleansing Gel, Renaissance Mask and finally their oils they have some absolutely beautiful products on offer. Which are of course are very expensive but they're so worth it. If I could only choose one product to recommend from them and you have the budget for their oils are something truly special. Especially the treatments to correct discolouration and scarring as they have worked incredibly well on my complexion.


We all know that I'm a tinted lip balm girl before anything else and then, of course, there are a handful of lipsticks that I absolutely love but something I fell absolutely in love with this year was the Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oil. Between the smell, the packaging and of course the formulation of the product itself it's a complete dream. Granted I don't think these products are anything groundbreaking but if you're into something a little more glossy on the lips then these are beautiful and as always when it comes to Too Faced they're such a lovely brand and create the most adorable products. Whenever I'm in the mood for something a little more peachy for a S/S pick me up I happily turn to this. 

What are your favourite pleasure to use products?