Getting Back On Track After A Bad Week & Doing It Without Having A Meltdown

Whether or not it's been a bad week or just a bad day they happen to all of us and we all feel the pressure to snap out of it and act like they don't happen. But they do and they're just part of life and trying to constantly brush them under the rug isn't something I've found to work. So here are a few ways to get back on track after a bad day, bad week or even a bad month without having a total panic about getting back into the swing of things.


On Monday there was a devastating terror attack in Manchester that took so many lives and left so many injured and it left me feeling devastated. I was so fortunate that the event didn't personally affect me but that doesn't mean I didn't have a heavy heart for the people it did and it's hard not to let world events interfere with your life. Some might argue that if it doesn't have any consequences for you then you should just move on and I do agree that we have to move forwards and get on with our lives but you're allowed to feel for those people who tragically lost theirs so unnecessarily. The current state of the world is terrifying and to switch off and be a little ignorant towards it isn't easy as just because it wasn't someone we loved this time doesn't mean it can affect us in the future. 


I think we can all relate to knowing when we're having a bad week and trying to instantly fight against it. Because of course we don't want to have a bad time as it's not exactly enjoyable but sometimes it is what it is. As much as we want to try and counteract them sometimes we can't and that's ok it doesn't make you a bad person or a wallower. I highly doubt any of us purposely make ourselves have bad weeks and will try anything to avoid them but there are always outside factors that we can't control. Which is often the hardest part as it takes the control away from you which causes resistance and that's a whole other issue. Allowing a bad week to just be and try to ride it out and then move forward is something I've found to be incredibly important. 


Like most things in life I don't believe there is anything better than making a plan and writing a to-do list to make you feel ready to take on what's to come. Obviously, you can't plan for everything but I find being able to have some sort of a plan to work from is something that works incredibly well. If you're someone else who also thrives from writing a good list here is how I'm coming back from a week where I cried at my desk more than once:


  1. Always write my to-do list the night before.
  2. Not leave e-mails outstanding for more than 24 hours. 
  3. Allow wiggle room with projects.
  4. Don't feel so scared of doing things a little differently and allow for change. 


  1. Make time for people and pick up the phone a little more. 
  2. Finish work at a reasonable hour. 
  3. Read. 
  4. Create a little more of a balance between all my responsibilities and not get sucked in by just one. 



  1.  Introduce more veggies back into my diet, after having to go onto a low fibre diet I've been lacking in greenery.
  2. Try new workouts, I'm straying from traditional forms of cardio and doing HIIT and weights instead.
  3. Cut back on the sugar again, it's been my birthday and whilst I love cake and all things sweet I notice when I eat a little too much my anxiety spikes. 
  4. Get more creative in the kitchen! This ties in with eating more veggies so if you have any great vegetarian recipes send them my way. 
  5. Stretch. 
  6. Drink a big glass of water first thing in the morning. 


If you've had a bad week, not been quite as productive as you'd like or been away for a good reason like a holiday then it's so easy to feel overwhelmed about what needs doing upon your return. And I know how easy it is to panic when your inbox is overflowing and there are a million and one things needing your attention that it's scary to be pulled in so many directions. Having somewhat of a plan, starting slowly, getting all that crappy admin out of the way and working one thing at a time are all things I find to really help when it comes to getting back on track without having a complete meltdown.



How do you get back on track after a bad week?