7 Beauty Products That Seem To Be Never Ending

Obviously, I love beauty that's a given. And whilst products with pretty packaging and pleasure to use products are all well and good and steal my heart on a regular basis there is nothing quite as good as a product that really lasts. And of course, there are a number of factors that have to be taken into consideration when it comes to how much use you can get out of a product. But I believe there really are products out there that just seem to last forever no matter how you use them and here are some of my favourites; 


I've always loved Soap and Glory for their delicious scent range and dream formulations. But something that I really adore about them is how long their products seem to last, especially their body washes they seem to last absolutely ages. I've been working on the big pump bottle of the Sugar Crush body wash since December and I'm still nowhere near the end. And don't be fooled into thinking it's because I don't wash as I lather myself up in that stuff and still it feels pretty hefty. Of course, S&G is a little more expensive that your bog standard shower gel but when you can get months and months out of them it makes them well worth the investment. The formulation of their products is always so refreshing but comforting to the skin as there is nothing worse than using a shower gel and it leaving your skin feeling tight and dry. My favourite scent is a tie between Sugar Crush and The Smoothie Star, the SC is fresher and makes me feel like a walking talking cola bottle and SS is more soothing and cake like due to the almond.


This is quite a cult skincare product in the blogging world and a few years ago everyone was SO into Aesop and even though the hype has died down slightly it's still a brand that fascinates me. When I'm in the market to add more skincare to my life it's most definitely a brand that I'm going to look into as there are some products that really fascinate me. But one product that I absolutely adore from the brand is the Parsley Seed Masque, it's a deep cleansing mask but there is something so special about the formulation. It doesn't dry down to that traditional really uncomfortable cracking feeling that a lot of masks do. The clay gets absolutely everything out of your skin whilst the aloe vera makes sure the complexion doesn't become dry or irritated. Then finally the rosehip and parsley seed deliver a big dose of brightness too which is perfect whilst dealing with a stressed out complexion. Every single time I use this I think it's my last use but it's the gift that never stops giving. 


For years these two MAC shadows were all I wore my eyelids and of course I've made a good dent in them but considering how creamy they are I would have expected them to have been used up by now. Not only do they seem to last forever but they're absolutely beautiful to use on the lid. There are of course other shadows that I love but if I had to just reach for one brand it would probably be MAC as they have a huge range of colours as well as different formulations so there is always something to suit you. And the price point is something that sits pretty well with me, so often single eyeshadows can go into the realms of £20 a piece and even when they're beautiful products that amount for a single shadow is a little too high [unless it's going to be the only shadow you're going to use every single day]. And of course with MAC shadows you have the freedom to create your own palettes which takes the pain away from wanting a palette but not wanting a lot of shades that you might not get that much use from. 


I sat on the fence about these very pricey blushers for a while and for the most part I still stand by my original thoughts. They are incredibly expensive albeit very beautiful in not only their shade range but their entire branding is dreamy and I can't deny that good packaging does suck me in. The formulation isn't mind-blowing in terms of longevity but I do adore the way that this makes my skin look, it deposits such a lovely flush of colour and glides over textural issues whilst still adding luminosity without drawing attention to those areas. These blushers are expensive and the Maxfactor Creme Puff blushers are a great dupe but I've used this so many times and it looks like I've barely touched it. Powders are funny because some of them last forever but then some of them are so creamy that you get through them ridiculously quickly.


Mascara, in general, has a short shelf life and it's advised that you only use one for 6 months or so. Typically I find myself using them for about 8-10 and even though I don't wear makeup every day I still wear it 4/7 days and one of the best mascaras I've found for the slowest dry up/use up rate is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara*. A close second to that is the Maybelline Lash Sensational for more of a budget friendly option. It hugs all the lashes with ease, lifts and adds a beautiful fluttery yet volumised look. I always find with this mascara too that it is a little better when it's dried out too as when it's fresh it can be a little smudgy.


I've had this cult beauty product in my stash for far too long. Honestly, I'm a little embarrassed but as I'm the only one using it then it doesn't matter that much but it's still probably a little past it's best. For a while, I wasn't keen on this even though I liked the formulation the shade didn't just sit well with me but now it's fine and there have been patches where I've solely used this powder and it still doesn't seem to go down. It's a very soft creamy powder which feels very kind on the skin and wears comfortably all day. You can add a small amount of coverage with this too which makes it awesome for taking it on the go. Powder isn't the most exciting product that's for sure but this is a great one and of course, with the Back 2 MAC incentive it makes buying from the brand a little more exciting. 


Over the years I've used a lot of moisturisers but one brand that always seems to last amazingly well no matter how much you seem to slather it on is Clarins. They are of course more expensive but I truly believe with this brand you get what you pay for, it's just not all marketing and hype their products work. The multi-active range is something that I never thought would be all that amazing as I usually use a moisturiser that can solely help with texture issues etc. And this range does do that to an extent but it mostly works hard to battle against the daily elements of stress that we all put our skin through. A high-end moisturiser isn't a necessity when it comes to a solid skincare routine by any means but if you do have the budget then this range, in particular, is lovely. 

What beauty products do you use that seem to be neverending?