6 Awesome Things To Do This Weekend

At the time of writing this, it's 5.30 and I've just woken up to the news that the UK has a hung parliament. This blog isn't a place for politics but it's such a relief to wake up and not be instantly devastated by the news. Whilst the online world hasn't always been the nicest place on the run up to this election I'm so incredibly proud to see how people have stood up and taken the chance to make a change and fought for what they believe in. Anyway, as I now won't be spending the weekend in a pit of sadness [although a coalition isn't something I want at all] it's the perfect time to think of some fun things to do. Weather dependant of course as the weather in the UK right now is a little hit and miss and a rain coat might be advisable.


Some people are awesome at meal planning but I am not one of those people. As much as I love to have a choice of what I eat it doesn't work out well when it comes to working out a budget with food. This weekend I'm excited to sit down and make a solid plan of meals for the next week and stick to it. I've written about trying to get my diet back on track and I truly think meal planning will help with this. It's not the most exciting thing to know what you're going to eat for every single meal but it certainly saves time and any uncertainty because no-one has time to keep wandering back and forth from the fridge trying to make a choice hoping something will jump out to them.


I've fallen off track with my reading recently [what's new though really?]. I seem to manage to get a 1/4 through a book and then don't seem to pick it up for weeks on end, I don't have endless time on my hands to curl up with a book as much as I would love to. But I want to make a conscious effort to read this weekend. Even if it's just for an hour or so I always feel happy when I feel myself being swept up by a good book and on my reading list is;


Now we're over half way through the year that means most of us are probably a long way away from those goals that we set at the beginning of January. I didn't make my goals till a little later on in the year because I just wasn't sure what I wanted to achieve but even looking back a few months things have changed so much. So many of us hold ourselves so tightly to those goals and don't want to stray away from them incase people think that we've failed when actually there is no point of trying to achieve something that doesn't align with your life anymore. Revisiting your goals, changing them slightly or ditching them completely is something that I always feel excited about and it gears you up for the rest of the year.


One of my all time favourite weekend activities is visiting a garden centre. Some might deem it a little bit of a grandma activity but it's something I find so relaxing. I'm not one for bustling town centres feeling like I'm trying to swim upstream when wanting to go in one shop so I tend to visit places that are a little more low-key if I go out at the weekend. As the sun is hopefully going to make a return to the UK it's the perfect time to pick up some plants or tend to your garden a little bit. My plan this summer is to try and attempt to make some hanging baskets so I think it's time to look up DIY's, here are a couple that I love the look of; 


If you've ever read a post like this from me then you will know how much I love to plan and my favourite time to plan is at the weekend, on a Sunday morning with a very large coffee to be exact. As well as meal planning which I mentioned earlier I also like to plan out my week, so I open up my iCal which is what I rely on to plan my week mostly as well as my daily journal from Ohh Deer. As well as having my little beauty ritual that makes me feel ready to take on the week so does doing this. You obviously can't plan for everything that is impossible but having some sort of idea of what you want to do and achieve is such a big help. Something new I've been doing lately is planning time off, normally my time off is just whenever I finish whatever work needs doing. But now I'm really making a conscious effort to have some proper time off instead of just random spurts here and there.


Every weekend without fail I wash my makeup brushes, change around the products that I'm using and do some other of my favourite beauty tasks like painting my nails and using a face mask. During the week I'm sure none of us has the time to sit and do a laborious beauty routine but the weekend allows us a little more time to do this. Having the time to prep my beauty stash for the upcoming week is something that I savour and it's something that's relatively simple but it completely changes the way that I start my week. Awesome products to use for your weekend beauty prep are;

What will you be doing this weekend?