7 Beauty Products To Rediscover This Year


As always I'm trying to keep on top of my beauty stash so things never get out of hand and I subsequently end up wasting products which results in me throwing things away as I can't stand waste. I'm a big creature of habit and I'm also a little bit of a magpie and really lovely shiny new things so it's all too easy for things to get pushed to the back of my drawers and left to gather dust. I really want to get through a lot more of my beauty stash this year so here are 7 products I'm on the quest to rediscover and use up. 


face masks

When I'm in a good routine with face masks then my skin is really at it's best. Because there are certain things that masks do that my day to day routine can't. And my favourite masks to reach for without a doubt is a deep cleansing option, a brightening/exfoliating one and finally an overnight hydrating option. I really have no excuse for not using masks more apart from pure laziness and when it's been a long day sometimes doing my PM routine feels like more than enough effort. From now on every few days I want to switch between using something deep clarifying and exfoliating and then I can use an overnight hydrator when I see fit. Considering the difference they make in my skin you'd think I'd be constantly using them but the lazy girl in me takes over. This is probably why I have such a soft spot for sheet masks as they're the ultimate lazy girl skincare product. 

eye palettes

There was one palette last year that took over my entire beauty stash and I've not reached for any of my other options since. Which of course is great for that palette but not so much the other one, I'm talking about the Tartlette in Bloom palette by the way. And considering I've got such a simple taste in shadows I've got quite a few palettes in my stash that have some bold options that deserve to be used more. So I want to set myself a few challenges to really use the shadows that I've got up and if I'm not getting the use out of them then I'll pass them along to people who will show them a lot more love than I am right now. Some of my most loved palettes that I've not reached for in a while are the Too Faced Chocolate palettes, not only do they smell incredible but the quality of the shadows is superb. Buttery soft and easy to blend but they're super long-lasting and never fall down onto the lid, crease or fade away with ease.



Truthfully, I don't know when I last reached for a highlighter and I used to absolutely adore them. Swept across the cheeks they give the dullest complexion a beautiful glow but when I started to reach for cream blushers and blushers with a hint of glow to them it meant that I kind of ditched highlighter without even meaning to. And I have some seriously beautiful highlighters in my stash that deserve to be used. Every week I'm going to try a different option and really see if they're something I find myself enjoying like I used to. The first one I think I'm going to add to my beauty rotation is that lovely cream option from Becca photographed above. Cream products are something I find myself gravitating towards more and more at the moment. Especially in the colder months as they're so much more flattering on the skin.


Without a doubt one of my favourite products to buy and then subsequently gaze at is lipstick. But it's something that I rarely wear and there is no denying it's because I'm just so lazy with the upkeep of wearing a lipstick. If it was just as simple as slicking on a colour of your choice and then being good to go for the day then I would pick up a different shade daily. But I worry about it sliding around everywhere, drying out my lips, ending up on my teeth or my face and then finally wearing away unevenly and looking all gross and weird. And it's a shame because I have some really amazing lipsticks in my collection that don't do any of these things so really I don't need to worry. I do still reach for a lip colour typically in the form a tinted balm so it's not like I don't bother at all but I should make more effort. It's another item that I'm going to add into my routine and if I'm truly not bothered by them like I once was then they're going to go to a new home. Undoubtedly lipstick is one of those beauty items that I really find myself hanging onto for sentimental reasons. 


eye cream

Out of all the products in this post eye cream is one that I reach for the most but as of right now I'm not using it daily and I need to. As I'm getting older I've certainly got a few wrinkles around my eyes and it's where I'm starting to show that I'm ageing. And I'm not somebody who has any problems with showing that I'm getting older but the reason why I'm so into eye cream is that I struggle with dry patches of skin around my eyes and puffiness is a big issue for me. Which can become quite uncomfortable and eye cream just helps the area look a lot better as well as feeling calmed and soothed. And I always notice such a big difference when I make the effort with eye cream how my makeup applies around that area.


Every time I wear makeup I always use a brush but I tend to stick to the same round of brushes and don't really stray into the rest of my collection. And I've got quite a lot brushes that I just never end up using as I'd rather go with the ones that I know work without question which is such a shame because they're such incredible brushes. And really it's doing myself a favour using more of my brush stash because then I won't have to do brush laundry so often which let's face it is everybody's most hated task.

lip oil

I always use lip balm, every single day but something that I've not used for a long time is a lip oil. There was a Clarin's one that I went through a couple of tubes of and absolutely adored it but because I had other options around I never went back to it. I've currently got a Manuka Doctor* one on my skincare shelf that I've been going for and it's so lovely for throughout the day when I don't want anything too heavy on the lips. I think lip oils are something that are overlooked because they're not the most obvious option out there for lip nourishment but they're absolutely dreamy.


Are there any beauty products that you want to rediscover this year?

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