Style Investments I Want To Make In 2018


When I evolved this website into a beauty blog something that was incredibly popular at the time was wishlist posts, infact it was my first ever post as a beauty blogger. But over the years they've faded in popularity but they're still something I adore and I always want to know what people are saving up for. So I thought I'd share some of the style investments that I really want to make this year as now I shop a whole lot less I like to have some sort of guide to what I'm looking for as it stops me making impulse purchases. 

brown satchel

My boyfriend bought me a beautiful Cambridge Satchel bag for Christmas and it's a style of bag that I've wanted for years. I never felt brave enough to take the plunge myself as I've never spent a lot of money on a bag but now I'm starting to spend a little more on my style purchases I think it's something that I can save for. My brown satchel that I bought around 8 years ago in a vintage shop in London is undoubtedly one of my best purchases to date. But the stitching is starting to come undone and becoming a little too worn and I don't want to wear it until it's completely unusable as it's such a special item to me, it only cost £17 but I absolutely adore it. As I love my cloud bag so much I think I'm going to invest in the large push lock bag from Cambridge Satchel Company as it's such a simple design so it can be paired with absolutely everything in my wardrobe already.  


barbour jacket 

Last year I bought my first Barbour jacket and it was one of the best purchases that I made in 2017. And because of the sheer amount that I've worn mine, I'd really like to purchase the classic Beadnell style which is a little more fitted than my current option. This style would work a little better with summer dresses than the one I have now. Barbour jackets are an expensive item there is no denying it but I think they're such an amazing purchases as they last years and only get better with age. I've loved seeing how mine has worn already and I'm looking forward to rewaxing it in March as that's the only upkeep you have to do when it comes to a Barbour jacket. Such a practical but stylish item!

pleather jacket

My existing pleather jacket is over 5 years old now and it's not completely worn out but it's looking tired and it's not quite got the same look as before. And the classic Moto style has been something that I've had in my wardrobe for 10+ years so I know that it's something I reach for a lot There are so many options out there but I think I'd probably go for a Topshop one again, they're reasonably priced and judging by my last one they're something that can last such a long time so worth the investment. However, if you have an incredible pleather jacket do let me know where it's from.

good quality sandals

If you read my post all about the style pieces that I regret buying then you will already know something that I struggle with is cheap shoes. And an area I tend to always buy cheap is sandals as I typically wear them all summer and then throw them away. But I'd much rather find a style that I absolutely adore that I know could maybe last a few seasons rather than just one. Again Topshop is always somewhere where I've purchased shoes from before and they've lasted such a long time. So I'll keep my eye on their website as they typically come out with a peep toe style and that's the style I always gravitate towards rather than flip-flops as I find them really uncomfortable. 


My current sunglasses are a style that I absolutely adore but they're a little scratched and I've not purchased a new pair of sunglasses for years. Ray-Ban is always a brand I've loved and they have their own version of the type of style I've found best for my face shape and general style so they're definitely something I'm going to save for. I've owned Ray-Bans in the past and absolutely adored them as they're always comfortable and most importantly protect your eyes from the rays [hence the name Ray-Ban, I know, my mind was completely blown when I discovered that too]. And sunglasses are one those things that you only need to buy once, take care of and they'll last years so now I've found my perfect style I'd like to invest a little more in. 

breton dress

This may come as a surprise to you considering how much I adore Breton's and have so many in my wardrobe but something I don't own is a traditional Breton dress. And they're not the easiest thing to find and typically are a little more expensive but as I wear Breton's so much when it comes around to the warmer months I know that it's something I will get a lot of wear out of. It's just finding one now...


What style items are you saving up for?

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