7 Current Beauty Must-Haves

This year I've challenged myself to not only switch up my beauty routine a little more. But use up all the products that are half empty just hanging around in case I might need them one day. So this has led to a few new awesome finds and a couple of rediscoveries as well and I'm excited to share 7 of them with you today. 

ORIGINS OUT OF TROUBLE MASK: A few years ago this was my go-to mask for when I was struggling with breakouts. It's something I don't like to use all that often because it's quite intense and can be a little drying on the complexion. However, a few weeks ago I had the mother of all breakouts which I'm guessing was a reaction to a product. I don't think I've ever had so many spots at once. Nothing was  helping calm them down until I slathered this on for 20 minutes. Things instantly felt calmer and less angry and once I woke up a lot of the small little spots had almost disappeared. If followed up with a hydrating mask or serum you can get around the drying feeling this has on the skin. 

KIKO COLOUR CLICK LIPSTICK IN REALISTIC MAUVE*: I was recently sent the new Artist Collection from Kiko. They're a brand that I've always gazed at from afar but found myself completely overwhelmed at even just a glance at their stores. The Colour Click lipstick in Realistic Mauve* had my name written all over it. A deep dusky pink with a hydrating but opaque formulation that wears evenly on the lips. Kiko is known for producing products that perform just as well as high-end items but for a fraction of the price. And this lipstick does just that. So dreamy formula and budget friendly price tag aside the way this product is packaged makes my heart sing. You click it at the bottom to release it from its white casing. This means there is no way of the lid coming off in your bag and ruining everything it touches. 

ESSIE ETERNAL OPTIMIST NAIL POLISH: Nude nail polishes aren't really my thing. I can never find one that is flattering to my skin tone and doesn't make me look like I've died. Crass, I know but it's true. Essie Eternal Optimist is more on the pink side of proceedings but still sits in the nude category for me. It's not a sickly pink or a one that looks like it belongs to a child. It's grown woman appropriate. As always Essie polishes reign supreme in their formulation and even though this is a lighter shade you only need two coats to get an opaque long lasting finish. 

KIKO LOOSE POWDER EYESHADOW*: We all know that loose powder is a faff. There are some products that are a little less fussy than others but still it's not something you can use in a rush. I always presumed that a loose eyeshadow wouldn't be something that clung to the eyelids but this product from Kiko* is surprisingly long lasting. It almost sets down on the skin but feels light and soft to wear whilst blending with ease. If you're a lover of a natural barely there eye the shade Bespoke Rose* fits the bill perfectly. 

PIXI FLAWLESS BEAUTY PRIMER*: Pixi is a brand that always excites me so when this dropped on my door mat I applied it almost instantly. I'd heard great things about this primer and as that's one of the products that you can instantly get gratification from I knew I'd know my feelings on it immediately. This makes my complexion look like I've dunked my face in highlighter, in the best way you can possibly imagine. It brightened up my sad winter skin within seconds and because it's tinted it helps to disguise unsightly tones. Which is perfect when you're struggling with breakouts. Not only does it benefit the skin in a number of ways it also helps keep makeup looking fresh throughout the day and prolongs wear time too. 

KIKO GLOWING PEARL CUSHION HIGHLIGHTER*: Liquid highlighters, in general, aren't my thing. However as we're well and truly in the throws of winter here in the UK it's reflecting in the state of my skin. I've been layering this highlighting pen with my under eye concealer and the combination of the two creates a beautiful look. The concealer [Rimmel Wake Me Up] offers up enough coverage to hide discolouration and the highlighter brightens the area without the need for huge chunks of shimmer or glitter. 

LIZ EARLE BOTANICAL ESSENCE NO15: This fragrance from Liz Earle is the most unusual scent in my collection by far. It's something that you can instantly recognise on others too. Sadly I'm not blessed with any skill to accurately describe scents so here are the notes; 

Top notes: Clove, bergamot, cinnamon, elemi, pink pepper

Heart notes: Cedar, damask rose, patchouli, cypriol, vetiver, sandalwood

Base notes: Tonka bean, bourbon vanilla, guaiac wood, benzoin

It's quite a spicy somewhat masculine fragrance but the hint of damask rose and vanilla gives it that edge of feminity. The longevity is nothing like I've ever encountered, if you spritz some on your hair or clothes it's something that lingers for days so if you struggle with your perfume lasting the Liz Earle scents are stunning. They're pricey but as you need so little their cost per use is well worth it. 

What beauty products are you currently loving? 

R x

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