Lessons Learnt From Being A Over-thinker & Worrier

When you're a chronic worrier and over-thinker it can be difficult to admit it, not only to yourself but to others as well. I've always known that I worry more than your average person but last year I realised how much it took up my day to day life. It's something that can make you feel truly alone even when you're not and can be incredibly hard to deal with. Today I wanted to talk about the important lessons I've learnt from being a serious over-thinker and worrier. 


We all have our own day to day stresses to deal with and probably all worry at some point. However when worrying and anxious thoughts control your life it's no way to live. Because you're really not living by doing that. Having your mind in another world constantly isn't doing justice to yourself, your health or those around you. It's something that is hugely dismissed and misunderstood but it can have devastating effects on peoples lives. 


Your imagination and mind are incredibly powerful tools and can be utilised for so many amazing things. However, some of us are really great at making up situations that 95% of the time are never going to become a reality. It's all too easy to become trapped a prison of worry and doubts when you don't need to be because the situation isn't real. Even if those made up instances in your mind do come true it's probably better to worry about them when they do arrive instead of constantly questioning what if? 


When you're so wrapped up in your own mind it can feel incredibly lonely. Reaching out to a loved one and sharing your thoughts. Whether they're completely understandable or something your brain has made up. It's still important to share them. The phrase 'a worry shared is a worry halved' is something we hear so often but it's true. Often when you speak to others it can bring a new perspective on a situation which you might not have been able to see before. 


This was a phrase I heard recently and it's something that I wish I'd adopted into my life years ago. There are so many things in life that we can't control, no matter how much we might wish we could. So really is there any point in worrying about them? It won't change the situation and nor will it make it any easier. It's something that is hard to get into the habit of but it could make such a huge difference in your personal happiness. 


When I catch myself falling into a bad patch of overthinking and worrying I always try and keep myself as busy as I can. It can be something small like washing my makeup brushes. But if I'm busy focusing on something else then chances are my mind isn't making up completely unrealistic situations. Exercise is another thing that is a huge help. It's been proven time and time again the effects it can have on your mental health. So even if you couldn't care less about the physical benefits the mental ones are something to bear in mind. 


No matter how much you worry or overthink about something it might still happen. There are so many things that we can prevent happening in real life and those are the things to focus on. It can be all too easy to get yourself into such a worried state that you never want to leave the house or see anybody again over something that isn't real. 

Do you have advice on worrying and overthinking?

R x

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