7 Makeup Brushes That I'm Really Into Right now


Considering how much I use and rely on makeup brushes in my routine I should really give them a little more airtime on this blog. One of my beauty resolutions for the year was to use more of my brush collection so I've had a switch up and dragged myself away from my usual favourites. And not so surprisingly I've rediscovered some really incredible brushes that are such a joy to use. 

base & cheeks


real techniques expert face brush

This is one of the oldest brushes in my collections and one that I return to time and time again. It was something I used to swear by for base but as of right now I'm using it for colour correction. The green colour corrector I have needs to be buffed in well otherwise it leaves me looking like Shrek. And this is dense enough to buff that in and distinguish any redness in the complexion with ease. It's curved so it gets into all the contours of the skin which is something I've really come to love in my base brushes. Although I don't use Real Techniques brushes all that much anymore I'll always keep them in my stash because they're brilliant and so easy to get hold of. 

zoeva face shape brush

The Zoeva Silk Finish Brush is one of my all-time favourite brushes, hands down my most used brush to be honest. And this is basically a small version of that. A pretty dense small domed brush that is perfect for buffing in concealer. I'm trying not to use as much concealer right now and use more of a pinpoint method. Which typically is something that people use a really teeny tiny brush for but this has been working wonderfully. Takes no time at all to work in the product and leaves a seamless finish allowing other product to sit comfortably on top. 

bareminerals precision face brush*

First of all the size of this brush is quite something, easily the biggest brush I own but that means it blends any base in within seconds. The only downside is that I do find this brush needs washing a little more than my other options and then takes an absolute age to dry but don't worry it doesn't just suck up product. And even though it's so large it can get really deep in around the nose and eyes which you wouldn't expect for the size of it, the angle and the shape are what makes it so easy to work with. If you don't have the time to really work at blending a product in and want something to do all the hard work for you this is great and so often brushes can just smear around your base but this never happens when I use this brush. 


iconic fluffy brush* 

I have no idea what the official name of this brush is but it's a standard fluffy brush that is slightly tapered. So nothing groundbreaking in terms of design and for so long I applied my powder with a denser brush so I could distribute it using a patting motion rather than a sweeping one. And you can still do this with a fluffy brush but it tends to give a lighter finish although if you need to blend something it's firm enough to give you that stability. You may have seen Iconic brushes on the likes of Instagram and they really are fantastic brushes. the tapered design not only looks lovely but it makes them really easy to use and they're incredibly light too.


look good feel better multi-tasking brush*

This is the only brush I've kept in my rotation from what I typically use at it's one of the only ones that I truly love for a powder or cream blush. It's curved, domed and firm which is perfect for any cheek products as it works with the shape of the face so much better and distributes product beautifully. Typically a really fluffy brush is what is recommended for blush but I never find them to work as well as something a little denser that can really pick up the product and give the cheek a seamless finish. 

eyes & brows

tarte fluffy eye brush*

I don't think this brush has an official title but it's just your bog standard fluffy eye brush. Think MAC 217, that type of thing. For a while, I'd been using a flat brush to really pack on the colour as I was working with a cream shadow but now I'm back to powder. These type of brushes make applying and blending product so easy and wonderful if you're kind of cack-handed when it comes to eye makeup. All I want is something is to make me look like I know what I'm doing when it comes to eyeshadow because I really have no idea.

nude by nature angled brush*

Typically angled brushes are quite small and fiddly but this brush is a reasonable size which makes doing my brows a breeze. There are brow pencils that I like but I hate applying the product in that way so I tend to gravitate towards a powder and brush instead. There isn't too much you can say about an angled brush but this one is great and still helps you maintain a somewhat natural brow look but a little fuller.


What are your favourite brushes?

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