A Whole Lot Of Lifestyle Favourites


Think of this blog post as a text conversation between friends, you know the ones I mean. Where you find something that makes you so happy that you must text your friends immediately to let them know about it. The odd little things that I'm enjoying in life don't typically get mentioned all that much on this corner of the internet. But there have been a few things I've been loving a little too much not to share so here are a whole lot of lifestyle favourites.

signs of spring

Even though January feels like it's been 4574395 days long and that it's rained for all of them. There have been some nice days here and there, the other day on my dog walk I very nearly unzipped my coat and it was truly glorious. Seeing the snowdrops spring up and the beginning of daffodils in our garden is something that has really brightened my spirits as well as it not getting dark so early. January has been a tough month, even though I had high hopes that I would make it my best January ever it just didn't turn out that way. Knowing that spring is on the horizon and soon we'll be out of the real tough months in terms of weather and light are what is really keeping me focused right now.

the return of Grey's

There is no doubting at this point that Grey's Anatomy is my favourite tv show, ever. And I was really late to the party but that doesn't matter as I've rewatched all the seasons around 4 times now, I told you I was a fan. The show returned to our screens a couple of weeks ago and it never disappoints, granted it's not as dramatic and heart wrenching as the first seasons but it still makes me sob on a weekly basis. Grey's is one of the only shows that I will sit down and give my entire focus to, usually I'm sat scrolling through IG stories. If you've not watched this cult show and you're a big fan of long episodes and seasons and you need something to binge your way through then seriously give it a watch, you won't regret it. Well you probably will when you're sobbing over it for the 45354th time.


rifle paper co x l'occitane

I discovered Rifle Paper Co around five years ago now and it's a brand that I've seen grow and thrive. It's undoubtedly still my favourite stationery brand and one that I will probably shop from for the rest of my life. Anyway, they created a beautiful collaboration with L'Occitane and it's the first time I've bought myself some new beauty products in months. I am currently on the quest to shop a whole lot less but this was something I refused to pass up. The adorable little tin and makeup bag [see them here] are something I'm going to be able to keep forever. And it just so happens that I thoroughly enjoy the products that are included too, I'm very excited to try a different scent of the shower oil.


I very rarely write about food online, mostly because I now have a very beige diet due not being able to eat a lot of fibre [I love beige food as much as the next person but I really do miss peppers, granola and carrots]. So one of my loved beige food rediscoveries of January is bagels. At this point, I really can't believe I'm writing about how I love bagels on the internet but here we go. Lunch is a meal I struggle with, I never quite know what to have so enter the classic bagel. Of course, there is the obvious cream cheese filling but I've been really enjoying the combination of halloumi, mushrooms and kale. It doesn't seem like much but it's pretty filling and it keeps me going till dinner time which is something that I've often struggled with in the past and ended up snacking a lot throughout the day.


I'm well and truly back on the podcast bandwagon and have barely opened my screen to watch something to work to. Which I'm thrilled about as I'm always so much more productive when I listen to something. I'm sure I say this every time I talk about podcasts but when you work from home they're the best companion to have, hearing people talk really helps to stop me feeling so lonely. As well as helping me learn something new and podcasts do the same thing as books do for me when it comes to writing. They really help me explore my style a little more which is awesome and not something you'd expect. 

a new room layout

If you read this post then you will know that my boyfriend and I, well it was mostly me decided to change around our bedroom because there was just something that wasn't right about it. So after quite a lot of planning, seriously we even drew it out on an app to make sure it would work we've started to switch things. And the first thing we did was move our bed to the opposite wall. I've enjoyed being in that room so much more now we've done that and also adding a new little table and plant has certainly helped too. Josie is a big of the switch around as she can see out of the window and inspect the street as well as bask in the little sun patch that comes in at around midday. We're currently deciding what to do with the other side of the room as we've currently got a bookcase there which doesn't really work, I'm thinking about a new clothing rail possibly.

getting back into work

I began the year with a nasty case of flu which has taken me weeks to fully recover from and then we had to get Josie spayed and the combination of the two made work quite difficult to get back on track with. I'm slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things and getting much better at tackling my to-do lists. I've felt so down about not being able to start of January being super productive but that's just how things have happened. We put a crazy amount of pressure on the beginning of the year and seemingly try and tick off all our goals within those first 30 days but it's just the beginning of things. I'm so excited to see how the rest of the year is going to go and what I can achieve within the next 11 months.


What are you enjoying right now?

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