7 New Things I'm Doing In My Beauty Routine In 2018


My beauty routine is something that is always changing and evolving to suit what I want and need at that current moment. But I am a big creature of habit, I tend to stick to what feels good and I know works but sometimes those things just stop working or I want to make a push for something new. As we're in the new year [and I've had a massive clear out of my beauty stash lately]. There are some new things that I'm doing in my beauty routine right now that I'm excited to share with you and of course, I want to know what your routine looks like right now too. 


ditching the micellar water

I've been a loyal user [and serious lover] of micellar water for a really long time. It's been the way I've been chosen to remove my makeup for a good few years now. And I'm not turning my back on my beloved micellar waters because I don't like them anymore or I don't believe that they're a good product. Because believe me, they're utterly fantastic for removing makeup, especially the Garnier Micellar Water and Simple Hydro-Boost Water. Absolute high street gems, there really is no need to pay out for Bioderma when these products exist. But this year I really want to move away from them because I hate how many cotton rounds I get through, there is no way that they're good for the environment, so anything I can do to ease how many I'm using I'm going to try and do. Which leads me onto to what I'm doing instead...

using a cleansing oil to remove everything 

As I'm no longer using micellar waters to remove my makeup something that I'm reaching for instead is a cleansing oil. I've used cleansing oils for a long time as they're so nourishing and kind to the complexion. And they make removing a full face of makeup an absolute dream. In particular, the bareMinerals Oil Obsessed* is one of my all time favourites, it removes makeup so easily but it never aggravates the skin or disrupts the balance of your complexion which can be hard to find. Not using so much cotton wool just to get rid of makeup and making my skincare perform to the best of its ability is something that has made such a positive change in my routine. And I can't deny it's very entertaining to look like a member of Kiss every time I do my routine. 

tackle my eyebrows

I've been growing out my eyebrows for years now after overplucking them to death and being left with tadpole brows they're finally at a point where they're fluffy and thick once again. And it's something that has bothered me for a long time but I just feel a little lost with what to do with them. I'm lucky that they're so dark so colour isn't an issue but the shape is just a little off and could do with some a helping hand. Because I've been growing them out for so long too I'm so wary of letting anybody touch them but they really do need tackling so I don't look so worried because my brows are so sad and constantly go downwards. 



If you read this post [catch up here] I wrote last week about all the products that I need to use more of I spoke all about masks then. I have so many in my collection but I just don't find myself gravitating towards them unless my skin is really dire and in need of some extra help. Something I used to do a lot is use more than one mask on different areas of my face as I have combination skin so I generally need a variance of things. Not only will this help my skin be in the best condition that it can be but it also means I'm getting through my products which is a win-win.


introducing more oils

Even though my skin does typically lean towards the more oily side something that I know I react well to is oil. And I love to smother myself with oil in the shower and then as a moisturiser but I've been lacking using an oil on my skin. I've recently introduced it in my routine for cleansing but I want to use it more than a serum which is what I've typically been reaching for. Something I've dug back out of my collection is this Oskia Restoration Oil*, it's a truly beautiful skincare product. Horribly expensive but it makes my skin feel incredible and it's something I can use during the day to have that extra layer of moisture without needing super heavy products. As much as I love the Oskia one it is pricey so more a more cost-friendly option is this from Clinique

as well as a retinol

I've dabbled with retinol in the past but it's not something that I'm all that familiar with or understand the science behind. As I've been going through my skincare collection I discovered the Pestle & Mortar Superstar Retinoid Night Oil* gathering a little too much dust. As I've been using the Oskia oil in the AM I thought this could work perfectly for the PM. And it does! Like I said retinol is not something I'm all too familiar with but I know one of the big things it claims to do is improve the texture and tone of the skin as well as brightening it too. And it does just that and this one serves up a big dose of moisture too, one thing I will say is that you need to be very careful of is using it around your eyes as it can make that area feel a little tender as the skin is so delicate.


Whilst I'm incredibly fortunate to be sent beauty products from various PR's something that often happens is that I'll receive a product that isn't quite to my taste. I realise this sounds incredibly ungrateful but I hate wasting things, usually I pass them along. But there are still a few things in my collection that I don't quite get on with so something I'm currently on the quest to do is to find a new use for products and go against what they might be recommended for. And it doesn't just go for products that I'm not quite certain with it's also something that can help cut down on extra products too. For example, instead of purchasing a foot balm I can easily use a hand cream in place of that. Not only does it save money but it also saves space on my bathroom shelf too.


What does your beauty routine look like right now?

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