Small Changes That Have Made My Office Awesome To Work In Again

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Being able to work from home is such an incredible thing. Having the freedom to tailor my day exactly how I'd like it to pan out and be in [mostly] complete control of my work day goes is something that I thrive from. And now I'm able to work in a room that is completely dedicated to getting things done, after working cramped in my bedroom for years it's such a big change. But just like any area in the home my office had become a little bit of a mess and was in need of a refresh and as we've just entered a new year it was the perfect time to make some changes. So here are the little adjustments I've made to my workspace that have made me want to sit at my desk for hours on end again. Because when you love the environment that you work in it makes all the difference in the world. 


having a deep clean

Before I make any changes to any area of my home my first port of call is to always have a deep clean. Which usually involves pulling everything from the walls and really getting in there as well to make sure nothing is lurking behind a chest of drawers. As I sit at my desk so much it can easily go from serene to complete chaos within just a few hours. It may take a little bit of time but making sure things are properly clean always help an environment feel a little fresher. Especially when it's your workspace as being surrounded by clutter can never be good for your mindset. A little deep clean checklist to go by;

  • Hoover 
  • Dust and clean your tech screens.
  • Empty the bin if you have one.
  • Get rid of any rubbish or empty coffee cups that might be hanging around. 
  • Dust and polish your surfaces.
  • If you have any greenery make sure everything is watered and thriving. 
  • File away any spare papers. 

fresh art

I'm always torn between adorning my walls with numerous different prints and then keeping things simple and minimal. So I've had to come to some sort of happy medium and there have been a few new additions to my walls lately from JUNIQE*. A lifestyle brand that is carefully curated but still affordable so when you want to add something new to your home whether that be artwork or stationery your purse isn't left weeping. The beautiful gold frames are such a such a nice touch to my relatively simple living space and of course, the illustrations from Henry Rivers are absolutely stunning. There are so many to choose from but I went for Hawaii, Japan and Cote d'Azur and they're fulfilling my wanderlust in the dark winter months wonderfully.

necessary winter comforts

In the summer there is no need for huge heavy throws to be draped over my desk chair but when it's below freezing point outside then it's a different story. I switched to a faux fur throw before Christmas and it's been a complete game changer when I settle down to work at around 6am before the sun has risen. As well as a soft snuggly blanket something else that is an all year round staple is a good cushion, the back of my desk chair isn't the comfiest thing in the world so I need something to soften the blow a little and I absolutely adore this pillow from JUNIQE*, their home accessories range in general is beautiful but this pillow has to be my favourite. From the artist Andriana Chunis the feminine and delicate illustrations are stunning.


A big part of having a deep clean for me is also decluttering my space. I'm a big fan of having little trinkets around my workspace and home, in general, to make it feel a little more comfortable and my own but it's all too easy for things to get out of hand. Keeping the items that I have around practical has been a big thing for me. 

As well as this being the space that I work in it's also where I store my clothes and beauty products so I've had a rifle through them too. 2018 is the year where I want to make a conscious effort to have less, get rid of anything I really don't use and doesn't make me truly happy. And when it comes to cleaning and decluttering it can seem like a huge scary task that will take you forever and you will more than likely give up halfway through to have a laydown. So splitting it up into sections and doing it over a few days rather than all at once is something that I find works well. Then it also gives you a little bit of time to figure out what you want to do with the things that you've decluttered too. Maybe you want to sell them on, pass them along to a loved one or give them to charity.


fresh stationery

I'm such a sucker for fresh stationery and paper products. And the start of a new year is prime time for both of those things. This soft watercolour polka-dot notepad has a great addition to my desk. As it's unlined it pushes me to be a little more free with my workflow and experiment with sketches for design elements of my job a little more. Again JUNIQE* have a really lovely range of stationery and their premium line of notepads is any paper product lovers dream.

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- this post is in collaboration with JUNIQE* -

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