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It's been a little too long since I've rounded up my latest reads. I've not been keeping up with my reading list as much as I would like to. But, I've been plodding along slowly but surely and finally here is the latest roundup of recent reads. 

THE CASUAL VACANCY - J.K ROWLING: I still remember when I heard that my favourite author was releasing a new book away from the Harry Potter franchise and I wasn't quite sure how I felt. It's taken me years to get around to actually reading The Casual Vacancy and it's not what I expected. It surrounds the sleepy village of Pagford and the villagers and the trials and tribulations of their lives  Although beautifully written the storyline for the majority of the book is quite tedious and dull and I think without Rowling's wit and skill as a writer it wouldn't have had the success that it did. It was made into a tv drama and they changed some really key parts of the story, but the addition of Micheal Gambon was sheer genius. 

IS EVERYONE HANGING OUT WITHOUT ME? - MINDY KAILING: I discovered the amazing lady who is Mindy Kailing through The Office where she plays Kelly Kapoor. The Office is my all time favourite TV show so if I can find any extra information about it then I'm going to read it.  Mindy not only starred in the show but she wrote and directed it too, so she's pretty impressive. This is her first book and it covers everything from her childhood to what she would want her funeral to look like. It's only a short read but I thoroughly enjoyed it and it had me laughing out loud at some points which is something I rarely do when reading a book. 

THE GOLDFINCH - DONNA TARTT: I have to admit I was little zealous with my photographing ahead of time with including this in the image as I haven't got around to reading it yet. So if you've read it then I would love to know your thoughts. 

THE OPPOSITE OF LONELINESS - MARINA KEEGAN: I'd heard so much about this book online and it had been on my to do read list for a while. The story behind this book is terribly sad, the author died just a few days after graduating Yale University. Marina was a writer and this book contains 9 fiction stories and 9 non-fiction stories. I didn't care too much for the non-fiction element of the book, but the fiction portion was awesome. Even though they are only short stories I found myself becoming so sucked into the world that she had created. Again. it's only a short read, but still a good one as you can dip in and out of it with ease as their is no continuous plot line to follow. 

THE SECRET HISTORY - DONNA TARTT: I cannot put into words how utterly fantastic this book is. Last year I heard a lot of hype about Donna Tartt but wasn't sure of the plot line of her books which I think was a blessing. From the blurb, The Secret History isn't something I would pick up but it's one of the best books I've read in years. It follows 6 classics students in Vermont but is narrated by the main character Richard who goes back to the story of how one of the group was murdered. The way that this book was written is incredible, it's captivating from the beginning and is the perfect A/W read. 

THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS - M.R CAREY: I've never read a book about zombies and considering how much I love anything related to the world ending and the dead taking over it's surprising. In a dystopian world we follow the story of Melanie, a 10 year old girl who lives in a military base. Things aren't all as clear as you might first think and as the story unravels it's hard not to get sucked in. Although I thoroughly enjoyed this book I felt like the last quarter wasn't as exhilarating as the first few 200 pages. Aside from Melanie it was hard to become attached to the other characters which was a shame. Finally, apart from a few little issues I do think this a great book and well worth the read if you're a fan of anything with a dystopian feel to it. 

BRAVER THAN BRITAIN, OCCASIONALLY - SPADGE WHITTAKER: When awesome people I know on the internet do incredible things it makes me feel so proud. I've known the writer of this book through many social media platforms for a few years now and she was kind enough to send me this to read. Braver Than Britain, Occasionally is a narrative based book telling the story of its author facing Britains 10 biggest fears. You always know you're reading a good book when it makes you laugh out loud and then feel immediate fear too.  I'm looking at you piercings and crowds. Even though I finished it in a couple of hours it was such a wonderful read and something I highly recommend checking out. 

What books have you read recently?

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