7 Unexpected Beauty Loves


At the time of writing this, I've not worn make-up in nearly 10 days. Which I realise probably isn't a big deal for a lot of people but for me, a self-confessed beauty lover it's quite odd. Truth be told, I've just not been feeling it so whenever that happens I'm not going to apply make-up for the sake of it. It should always be something that we enjoy and we don't feel is something we have to do to fit in with societies standards. Anyway, before I get too deep here are all the beauty products I'm into at the moment and there are quite a few new discoveries.


nyAsa pure glow nourishing cleansing balm*

I'm making serious headway with my skincare stash and I'm nearly back on top of all my products, which makes me very happy as nothing is being wasted or going off. And, I'm getting to try out new things including this cleanser which I've been thoroughly enjoying. It reminds me a lot of the OSKIA Renaissance Cleansing Gel in consistency which is something that my skin loves. When I have been wearing make-up this makes removing it such a dream as the oil melts everything down and it emulsifies nicely. It removes absolutely everything on the skin, hydrates and leaves me feeling happy with 0 redness or aggravation. It contains pomegranate oil which is a natural way of exfoliating the skin and the sweet almond oil not only smells divine but helps the skin looking soft and supple too. It's an expensive cleanser, there is denying that and not something I'd ever buy again due to that high price tag but at the time of using it I am really enjoying it.


Lanolips allover everywhere cream* 

For a while, this was my go-to desk hand cream but I recently moved it in the bathroom to use it on my feet as nothing was quite cutting it and I didn't want to use up my heavy duty creams before winter arrives. Because the weather was so warm I was wearing sandals nearly every day and they are not the kindest to your feet so between that and the constant dust and sand from walking the dogs my feet were not exactly looking their finest. I use this nearly daily to keep the really dry patches at bay and it's perfect. You can use this absolutely anywhere you please, it's not laden with fragrance and sinks it pretty quickly. It even says that you can use this in your skincare routine, I'm not sure I'd ever feel confident doing that but it's good to know if you are ever in a pinch with your product choice this could be an option.


penhaligons savoy steam*

This is one of the most expensive items I own and when it arrived out of the blue. I wasn't sure I was going to like it as so often very expensive fragrances aren't my taste but there is something so special about this and I absolutely adore it. The notes are; Rosemary oil, pink pepper, rose essential and geranium. The strange thing is that this scent doesn't hit me as floral at all yet it's so heavily floral based. It's feminine without being too sickly sweet and there is still a hint of musk which is a must in all my scents. Undoubtedly one of the most long-lasting fragrances in my collection and even in the most recent heatwave I've still been able to detect this on my skin the next day. This would make an incredible gift for someone or for yourself if you have the budget for it, it's absolutely stunning. 


evoluderm moisturising body lotion* 

There isn't that much you can say about a body lotion really. This makes my skin feel silky smooth and sink it's almost instantly making it a great AM option. However, the reason why this is featuring is that it smells like purple Calpol. I realise that not everybody will know what I mean by this but if you do then you will know that having your entire body smell like that sickly sweet medicine is pretty dreamy. It took me a while to place the scent but ever since I did I've been slathering this on. Evoluderm is a French beauty brand so I'm not sure how readily available it is over here sadly but if you can find they have a corresponding body wash and exfoliator to really amp up the Calpol scent. 


essie treat love and colour*

Honestly, the whole treatment aspect of these nail polishes from my most loved nail brand Essie isn't something that bothers me that much. I know slicking on various shades is never going to be the best for my nails. But the shades in this range is what makes it such a hit in my beauty stash. Typically nude nails are something that I find incredibly difficult to get right, they're so easy to get wrong and the wrong shade on the nails can all too easily make me look very unwell. But I've finally found some that look right from this range and if you don't want a high maintenance manicure then I can't recommend them enough as they have a solid staying power. And even though they are lighter they're not a nightmare to apply which is a common issue with shades like these. My favourites are; On The Mauve and Lite Weight. 


garnier argan richness almond cream & moroccan argan oil hair mask* 

You might remember a few months ago that I stopped using conditioner. I don't know if it's because my hair was shorter but it just wasn't working out for me at all. And it's only until now I've truly felt the need for a conditioner that is seriously nourishing. Obviously, with all the blonde that has been put into my hair, it has caused a small amount of damage, which is to be expected but my ends don't feel anywhere near as bad as they could and this is certainly helping them feel silky soft. It injects my hair with the moisture that it needs but it doesn't make it feel greasy or weighed down at all and I can still happily go 4 days without washing still, I'm currently trying to make it to 5 but that is difficult. And most importantly, the almond scent of this is absolutely delicious and makes your hair smell ever so slightly cake like.


fresh sugar lip balm in rose

I probably don't need to explain why I'm so crazy about the Fresh sugar lip balms for the 5347539 time. They're fantastic lip balms and the tinted balms, in particular, behave exactly like a lipstick but don't require the upkeep of one. Lately, even though I've not been wearing makeup I have been slicking on this [I have two, I've photographed my unused one as my used one looks a little tatty] and it's the perfect hint of colour. It's not as punchy as you might expect which is ideal for no make-up or minimal make-up days. And it just gives a subtle rosey glow to the skin. These are expensive little lip balms but they are a 100% worth the money and they are always something I'll reach for and have in my stash.


What beauty products are you loving at the moment?

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