What Life With Josie & Edie Is Like


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Today's post to you is brought to you from the paws of Josie and Edie. If you don't know who we are, we're the sighthounds that reside with the human behind this blog. We thought we would give her the day off from writing and once we figure out how to not press 5 keys at once we'll be able to share a little insight into what a day is like with us and shed some light on our speedy breed. 



We're early to bed and early to rise in our household and due to the recent heatwave we've had to become morning pups. In A/W you won't find us rising until at least double digits. Now thankfully it's a little cooler for us and we're able to go out a little later but the human still gives us our breakfast early so we can return to bed for a few hours whilst she gets some work done. And of course, you should never zoom on a full tummy. Then at around 9am we head out for a walk, we like to stick to woodland walks as there are always plenty of new smells for us. And we go somewhere different every day to keep things interesting for us. Although we're speedy hounds we're not always running around and are quite happy to poddle around exploring. However, we do like to run and do so at top speeds of 35mph and our favourite surface to do is either long or flat grass but we're not too fussy. We like to be out for an hour or so running around and taking in all the smells. It's a common misconception that sighthounds need hours and hours of exercise but that's not true. Short and sweet bursts of speed are what keeps us content.

our favourite walk spots 

We live in the north Nottinghamshire countryside and we're incredibly lucky that there a lot of brilliant walk spots around us and these are our favourites; 

  • Rowthorne trail 
  • Linacre Resevoir 
  • Silverhill 
  • Clumber Park
  • Blidworth Woods
  • Sherwood Pines 


After we get home from a walk it's around the human's lunch time so whilst they're preparing their food, which we're not allowed, we have our own little mid-day snack. If we've had a particularly tiresome morning with our friends then we'll get a little bit of extra food as well as something that can look after our teeth. Dog dental care is incredibly important whatever the breed, and after all we put our human through whilst we grew our teeth it's important that they're looked after.

the pm 

Afternoon and evening is our favourite time of day as it's our laziest. Once we've had lunch and maybe a little bit of wrestling then we settle down for a long snooze. We told you we're pretty lazy and we like to have a 4-5 hour nap and really we don't bother getting up until it's dinner time. At around 5pm we have our dinner and there are always some after dinner antics like a quick race around the garden and we can't forget wiping our long snoot all over the carpet. Our favourite toys always get a look like the squeaky donut that we put our snoot through to get a better angle on it to incessantly thrust at the humans as well as Lucile the Lobster. After a quick play, we soon settle down back to sleep and have been known to take ourselves up to bed at around 7.30-8pm. What can we say, we did warn you that we're lazy...

fun facts about whippets

Incase you're not familiar with our speedy breed here are some fun facts about sighthounds;

  • They have a very small percentage of body fat and a very fine single layer coat, so that's why you'll always see them wearing jackets in the cooler months. 
  • Due to this single layer coat, we must always have a blanket around to be curled up in.
  • They're very speedy and can reach up to 40mph. 
  • Sighthounds used to be considered as the poor man's greyhound. 
  • The breed dates back to the 1600's and originates in Manchester. 
  • Sighthounds are a very healthy breed with minimal health issues. 

what is a day like for your pups?

This post is a collaboration with PEDIGREE®, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.

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