8 Beauty Products I Need To Use More

If you caught my post all about decluttering you will have already seen all the things that I've been using up, got rid of and what's new in my collection. Something that I missed out on in that post without realising though was the things that I rediscovered and I'm such a big fan of shopping your own beauty stash. Of course, if you're a minimal beauty lover and you're someone who just has one of everything then this whole thing won't be for you. But if you are a beauty collector then it's something that I would totally recommend as it's so much and here are the things that I've rediscovered recently.


From the ages of 15-18 I used to paint my eyes in the thickest black eyeliner I could find and as I get older and most importantly realised how much that look just did not work for me I kicked any sort of liner to the kerb. But there have been a couple of occasions recently where I've had a liner used on me and I've actually really liked the way that it looks. I always thought my eyes were just far too round for it but gently along the lash line is something that can totally work on my eye shape so I'm going to be adding this soft brown pencil from Charlotte Tilbury into my daily rotation.


I love Tarte blushes, we all know this because I share them so often but there is another shade that's sat in my collection that doesn't get anywhere near enough love. And that's the shade Blushing Bride it's a beautiful somewhat bright pink that is very berry based and on the skin it looks truly stunning. I'm not sure why this has gone so unloved in my stash because it sits against my skin wonderfully and of course, the formulation of Tarte blushes is one of the best on the market. It's probably due to the fact I'm so minimal with my everyday makeup that I can be so wary of wearing anything remotely bright but that's meant to be the joy of makeup that it's fun and makes you happy. 


When this arrived into my life I wasn't having the best time with my skin and I fell back into the habit of using fuller coverage bases.  But when I tried and used this new release from the brand I knew it looked so so beautiful on the skin. After a rocky few months, my skin has finally got back to a stage where I feel confident enough to use lighter coverage bases and this is such a good option. It would be easy to presume that a cushion foundation doesn't offer much in terms of coverage but this does and it sits beautifully on the skin. Using the sponge that comes with these cushion products is advisable but I prefer to use a flat-topped brush and use a gentle patting motion to achieve a flawless finish on the skin.


I used to absolutely adore wearing highlighter on a daily basis but as I got a little more low key with my day to day look I fell off that glowing cheek bandwagon. The Clinique Hefty Highlight is a creamy stick product that is such a breeze to work with as you simply swipe it on the areas that you want to add a little more life to and either with a brush or your fingers you can then blend it out. Whilst I adore the formulation of this product because of the single pinky pearlescent shade that it comes in that does mean that it's not something that everybody can use which is a shame because it's beautiful.



This might come as a real shock to the people who catch up with my beauty content on a regular basis because the Fresh balms are some of my most loved beauty items but the shade Berry is something I've not used anywhere near enough. And there is no real reason for this because it's a shade that really works for me and of course the formulation is a complete dream. But as this is such a deep and dark berry tone it's something that typically only comes into my rotation in the A/W months but gently worked into the lips as more of a stain is totally something I could do all year round.


Using up fragrance is something that I'm quite conscious of now after learning that they really don't stay good for two years and the next one on my hit list is this number from Stella McCartney. For years I stood and sniffed this in Boots whenever I was near it and then when I was fortunate enough to be sent it but after a few months of use I noticed that it started to smell pretty odd when first spritzed on my skin and ever since I've found it hard to use up because there are other options I prefer. This has to be on the skin a while before it starts to smell like I would expect it to and it's one of those fragrances that really makes a statement as it's so musky yet so floral, it's truly a unique scent.


Again, this is another item that might be quite the shock to some people as it's something that I regularly talk about but over the past year or so it's gone a little unloved in my collection. Again, probably due to the fact my skin wasn't in the best condition possible there were other options I reached for over it. But I've used it the last few times I've applied my base and I'd forgotten how truly wonderful it is. It instantly makes my complexion look healthier and as I've not been sleeping amazingly well it's been really improving my obvious signs of fatigue. There are a couple of hydrating primer options in my collection at the moment that do rival this but for that fresh faced dew, this cannot be beaten.


When I first started blogging I remember how much everyone loved these beautiful lip balm pots and I desperately wanted to own every single shade. And I have to say I've not used them nearly as much as I should have considering how much I like the product inside. In general, because it's in a pot I find that I just don't reach for them enough because of the worry of mess and spreading bacteria around and I don't want to be on the go worrying about whether or not I'm rubbing something dirty around my mouth. I know these do come in twist up packaging but the shade range isn't anywhere near as sweet. I've moved the Jasmine flavour which is a lovely milky pink shade onto my desk to give it a little more love.

What beauty products do you need to give a little more love to?

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