Why You Don't Need To Live In London To Be A Blogger

I'm sure if you have even the tiniest bit of knowledge about the blogging world then you will know that it would appear that all 'big time bloggers'  live in London. Even writing that makes me feel a little gross because I don't agree in the slightest about tiering the blogging world because everyone has their own place and value. And for the most part, it's become a presumption that all bloggers live in London and it's been something that comes up not only in my mind a lot but conversation with others too. I'm such a big believer that you don't have to be in London to be an awesome blogger at all and here are a few thoughts on the whole topic. 


There is a huge amount of pressure for people to live in London if they want to do anything remotely creative. And I know that's definitely something I felt whilst at university and I know some people deem you a failure if you're not in the city. London is great for some people but it's most definitely not a requirement to have a creative job and it's becoming more and more normal for things to be based in other cities. When I graduated I was so so desperate to move to London because I thought it was the only way to do things and because of extenuating circumstances I couldn't do that and now it's the best thing that ever happened to me. Personally, I can't imagine anything worse than living in the capital and whilst it's nice to have the occasional visit I cannot fathom the living cost of London. There are so many awesome places to live in the UK, especially in the South West and the North of England. And contrary to popular belief there are plenty of awesome things that happen outside of London. 


It seems funny really that blogging has become so much about where you live now because everything that we do is online. The country is scattered with beautiful backgrounds for fashion bloggers and the vast majority of creating online content is sat somewhere with an internet connection so why should there be so much emphasis on where we live? Over my time of blogging, I've definitely learnt that living in London is very convenient for blogging as events and PR's are located there, however, it's not an essential. Most things happen over e-mail and if not then that's why we have the wonderful invention of the phone. Being smooshed by a brand is lovely and it's amazing to be able to connect with others but it's not at all a necessity and as the blogging world has changed and evolved so drastically going to events is now a very small part of it all.


As I mostly write about beauty, there is really no need for me to share where I live and it totally depends on the type of blog you're running. I can totally see why there is this pressure to be in London to give off that very stereotypical blogger cliche [nothing wrong with that by the way, there are so many London bloggers that I absolutely adore but it is all very similar]. There a huge culture on IG that all bloggers are going to meetings, eating brunch and floating around in a new outfit daily but that's not the reality of it at all and whilst it might look incredibly pleasing to the eye it's just not all that realistic.


Whilst it might seem like absolutely everyone is living it up in London it's only a tiny part of the blogging industry. The most incredible thing about the online world is that it's universal and we can catch up with people globally and see how they live. I know that whilst there are plenty of London bloggers that I adore catching up with but I love seeing people from around the world. So many of my favourite bloggers live in Australia, America, Dubai, Paris and Copenhagen and I adore that they have a completely different insight to the blogging industry. We all have something unique to offer to this exciting world that we've created for ourselves and it seems to so silly that we don't deem someone a 'success' if they're not based in the capital.


The actual town that I live in is not the nicest place on earth, it's very industrial and generally a little bit grotty. But where my house is I'm directly in the countryside and even though it took me a while now I absolutely adore where I'm based. I know that the vast majority of people would love to be based somewhere so rural but can still be in a city in about 30 minutes. Whilst I might not be able to create those lovely street wear shots with a perfectly curated background it means I can some different things which is awesome. It's so easy to presume that people want what people are putting out already but I know for me I want to see what is unique to that individual. 

What are your thoughts on this?

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