8 Beauty Products That I Was Wrong About


I'm sure I don't need to explain why it's such an awesome feeling when we find a beauty product that we love. But there is one feeling that I think is even better and that is finding out that a product you had no faith in before is actually something you really love. I hold my hands up that I can be pretty judgemental when it comes to certain beauty products and here are 8 that have proved me wrong lately.



Typically I don't believe in the whole body firming cream thing nor do I think they're a nice genre of product. But, I cannot deny that I would love something make me a tiny bit firmer and smooth my skin tone out and that's why I love this Sukin product so much. It doesn't work miracles, of course, it doesn't, it's a body cream but it does help things just feel a little bit better. I really love this after a long week of dog walks when my muscles are feeling really tight, sore and my body just needs a really good boost. And I always use this straight after showering in the evening so that my body can drink it up and my limbs always feel awesome in the morning.


I've waxed lyrical about the shower foams from the Bilou line but another product from the range that are awesome are the foam body lotions. I have to admit, I did judge them before I used them and thought they would probably be a little useless as how could a foam ever work as a body lotion? These are so wonderfully lightweight that they're my go-to in the morning as they add just the right amount of moisture to the skin and they sink in immediately. Which is why they're so perfect for the AM when you want to get into your clothes as quickly as possible. And of course, being a foam they're pretty fun to use and anything to make moisturising more exciting is perfect.



The packaging of this product is absolutely vile, which is strange coming from Tarte as the majority of their other products are beautifully packaged. Tacky snakeskin packaging aside this is a truly beautiful mascara and there is a clear reason why it's so popular amongst the beauty community. It adds so much lift and definition but fans out the lashes beautifully and that's why I like it so much. As well as the fact it stays put all day and holds my lashes in place it's a complete breeze to remove. It's one of those rare more costly mascaras that are really worth it.


I stand by my judgment about the packaging of this product, I cannot stand it and think it would work so much better housed another way. But without a doubt, this is one of the best cleansers I've used all year. The first step, the cleansing balm removes all makeup with ease and then the second step, the cream cleanser is just such a lovely product. It provides hydration but it's not overwhelming and it's just a great cleanser. It's nothing fancy , infact it's very simple in terms of formula and isn't going to work miracles on the skin but that's not what I want from my cleanser, I just need it to cleanse my complexion. I'd go as far to say if I could only use one cleanser for the rest of my life it would be this.


When this PR sample arrived, I took one look at it and thought I am going to hate this. I don't particularly love celebrity fragrances and I definitely don't love the name of this or the bottle but the scent is incredible. It's very similar to the Jo Malone Dark Amber & Gingerlily which is one of my all-time favourite scents but it's very expensive. It's got a little more coconut to it than the JM which is something I adore. If you're a lover of Amber scents then I can't recommend this enough.



I've never used a foundation stick before, to be honest, I just never understood how they would work and not look like a total mess on the skin. I've been using this new release from Lancôme as a concealer on a few blemishes that have erupted lately and it works beautifully on them. Although the marketing copy says that it's a matte base I don't find that at all and find it behaves more like a satin and the coverage is wonderful. It's not only so easy to apply to the skin but it's so easy to build coverage with as it's so creamy and soft but once on the skin it settles down. This would be the perfect item to take on the go for touch-ups throughout the day. 



I've not used a manual scrub on my complexion for quite a while but this skin perfecting polish from Bybi is absolutely lovely. It's such a soft scrub but don't let that fool you into thinking it's not as effective because it is. It sloughs away any dead skin cells that might be hanging around and leaves your complexion feeling so fresh. It contains fruit enzymes which are something I know works wonderfully on my skin and is the reason why it feels so kind and gentle to even a grumpy complexion [exactly how my skin has felt lately]. 


High-end fragrances are something that I have always had a soft spot for, I cannot deny that. But Tom Ford was never a brand that I could navigate and found their selection a little overwhelming and some of them a little too strong for my taste. Enter Orchid Soleil, it's a strong floral but it's got a kick of musk which is my favourite blend to go for. The notes are lily, vanilla and tuberose and it's an absolutely heavenly blend and the staying power is absolutely superb. I wore this on a day where Josie and I got caught in a torrential downpour and when I got home. 


What beauty products have taken you by surprise?

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