Everything That I Use, Wear and Do On A Daily Basis AKA A Written Vlog


There isn't a day goes by that I don't watch some sort of vlog but it's never something that I've fancied doing myself. Laying myself bare for the world to judge feels a little too scary for me not to mention my life isn't all that exciting. I love sharing my life through Instagram and especially Instagram Stories but the thought of being even more exposed is terrifying. As I'm more than likely never going to be turning the camera around and filming myself I thought I would do my own version of a vlog, through the safety of the written word. 



If you caught my post the other day [ catch up here] about why I no longer wear makeup every day then you will know that I don't wear beauty products every single day. But something I am always sure to do is my skincare routine, whenever I do skip it because I'm too tired or feeling too lazy I always live to regret it. My skincare routine is something that I love to do, it makes me feel ready to tackle the day and of course, helps my skin no end. You don't need a long and laborious routine with a thousand products, my skin has been the best condition it's ever been in with just four. Then other beauty products that I use on a daily basis are relatively simple things like perfume and lip balm. My current fragrance of choice is the Jo Malone Mimosa & Cardamom* perfume. It's been in my collection for a couple of years but this Autumn I've been gravitating towards it a lot. I don't adore this when it's initially sprayed on but when it's settled down a little it's truly beautiful and lingers for hours. It's the perfect A/W fragrance for me and something I know I'm going to reach for all season.



Like the majority of people who are self-employed, I work every day. Not always all day every day but I always check in no matter what. I adore what I do so it rarely feels like work but that doesn't mean it's not challenging. My workday changes constantly but generally I get up pretty early and then I will work through all my admin, wait for the sun to rise take any photographs I need to, write all afternoon and then edit in the evening. Throughout the day I'll take any phone calls and answer any e-mails I need to as well. Something that is really important to me is my workday uniform, I'm a big advocate of making sure you're dressed and not staying in your pj's all day which is all too tempting when you work from home. I do always make sure that I get dressed but I make sure I'm in the comfiest clothes that I can find, I either wear leggings or sometimes sweatpants with a jumper or a Breton on top. And as we're now in the real throws of Autumn and the temperatures are dropping by the day that means slippers are a must. Emu* kindly gifted me a new pair of slippers to keep me warm at home and they're so comfortable, they grey against the orange is such a beautiful twist too.



Of course, I couldn't write a post about my day to day routine with talking about Josie. Because I work from home I spend pretty much all my time with her and she's the love of my life. Everyone knows that people who have dogs are crazy about them and it's not something you can really explain until you have a dog of your own. She makes my day, no matter what might be happening and no matter how stressful raising a little pup has been she's worth it and I'd do it a hundred times over for the pure joy she gives me. I've written before about my struggles with my mental health before and getting a dog has made an incredible difference for me. She's not a cure, as wonderful as that would be but she's like a hug to my brain when it doesn't feel good. And dogs don't judge, they don't care if you've had to go back to check you've locked the door more times than you care to admit or you're worrying yourself into oblivion they just want to give you love and have a game of tug of war with a crocodile whose arms are hanging off.



Before Josie came into our lives there are some days where I wouldn't leave the house so therefore didn't need to get changed from my comfortable at home attire. But now things are different and whether I feel like it or not I have to leave the house and take my little fluffer on a good long walk. We're in Autumn now so we're many months away from walking in my favourite summer dresses. And I'm currently living in my oversized knits which I always get in the men's section to make sure they're thick and warm. My Emu Ellin* boots that are lined and waterproof so absolutely perfect for a dog walk and the burgundy is the perfect Autumnal shade to go with my very minimal colour palette. Then I typically pull on my Lululemon Align Pants, a painfully expensive pair of leggings but they're so warm and comfortable that I can't bear not to wear them on a daily basis. If I need a bag I will reach for my pleather rucksack which I featured in this post or a tote bag. And of course, my go-to coat is my Craghoppers number which is without a doubt the warmest thing that I've ever put on my body. Thermal pockets are the way to go.



As I said, since we got Josie I have to leave the house whether I want to or not. But there is denying that once I'm out of the house I'm much better for it, not only mentally but physically too. I hit a roadblock with my fitness routine back at the beginning of the summer and truth be told I've fallen off the fitness wagon completely now. So getting outside for a long walk with Josie is the only form of exercise I have right now and I'm totally ok with that. Getting outside is a huge release for my brain, not only is moving our bodies proven to help our mental health but I find that getting out from my surrounding is a great reminder of just how small I am. It sounds a little strange I know but it's so easy to get caught up and become so consumed with our own lives that we forget what is going on in the outside world. And as it's one of the most beautiful seasons to capture I've been taking my camera out a lot more with me and I'm such a sucker for all the beautiful tones that are out there right now. 

What is everything you do, use and wear on a daily basis?


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