8 Highly Recommended Beauty Products

Chatting about beauty and sharing my favourite products is one of all time favourite things to whether it's on this blog or in real life. I thought I'd share some of the items that I would suggest to anyone who has a serious penchant for great [in my opinion] products in today's post. 

CLARINS INSTANT SMOOTH PERFECTING TOUCH: This was the first primer that I ever used and saw a noticeable difference from and it kickstarted my entire love for that extra step in my routine. It does exactly what it says on the tin; gives you a smooth perfected base for makeup. What I love about this is that it works at balancing the skin so it keeps dry patches hydrated and oily patches more balanced. And whenever I've got a breakout erupting this works its magic at making it look a lot less noticeable making it easier to conceal. A great dupe for this primer on the cheaper end of the price spectrum is Accessorize Prime Time

YSL FOUNDATIONS: If there was only one makeup item that I could splurge on it would be the foundation. A good base makes all the difference in the world and can bridge the gap between the use of cheaper products elsewhere. Out of all the, more pricey base options that I've tried YSL have always come out on top. Their formulas are absolutely stunning if you're after the whole natural radiance aesthetic that is long lasting and a complete joy to use. My two most loved are the Youth Liberator serum foundation and the classic Touche Eclat foundation. The two are slightly similar in finish but completely different in their formulation and can work for a number of different complexion types. Not are the formulations beautiful but they have a great colour range which always makes a foundation range more attractive. 

H&M NAIL POLISHES: I'm a total sucker for nail polish and have successfully worked my way through most of the high street in the many years that I've been painting my nails. When H&M rebranded and redid their beauty line there was a lot of hype online but the one product that sparked my attention was the nail polishes. Their cheap and they're small which is a great trait in a nail polish because in reality who works their way through a full-size bottle? They've got a beautiful formulation and a wide brush which makes it completely fool proof to achieve a perfect manicure in a couple of coats. In combination with a good base and top coat, you get a solid few days of wear without chipping. 

FRESH SUGAR LIP BALMS: I rave about these balms far too often, my obsession is probably slightly unhealthy but they're my favourite lip products of all time. They offer up the pigment and finish of a lipstick but they have all the nourishing properties of a balm. The shade range is beautiful and ranges from flattering nudes to dark vampy shades that can be built up to an opaque finish or be worn more as a stain. I prefer the tinted balms compared to the original Fresh balm as I've found that it goes down incredibly fast whereas the tinted options last much longer. Making them more cost effective in the long run. 

MAYBELLINE LASH SENSATIONAL MASCARA: Whilst the YSL Babydoll will probably always hold the number one spot in my beauty-loving heart it's far too pricey to recommend. However, the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara is much cheaper and is just as a good in comparison. It gives a lot of lift, separation, curl and volume and it stays put all day without the need for a stubborn waterproof formula. The brush is slightly smaller than your normal mascara option which makes it really easy to work with and get right down the root of the lash.

ZOEVA MAKEUP BRUSHES: It could be all too easy to think that people in the blogging world love Zoeva brushes so much because they're beautifully designed. Which of course is very true but they're stunning not only to have but to use as well. In the world of makeup brushes, they're incredibly cheap for the quality and the kits that they come in when broken down are very cost friendly. Many of them are dupes for more expensive tools and are just in good in terms of quality. Brushes are something that if you take great care of can last you a lifetime. 

TARTE 12 HOUR AMAZONIAN CLAY BLUSHERS: Blush is a product that I'm completely obsessed with, there are so many formulations and colours to choose from. But if I just had to pick just one brand to suggest to anyone it would be the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers. Their a powder formulation that are incredibly long lasting [just like the 12-hour name suggests] but they're not lacklustre on the skin at all. They're buttery soft and easy to work with and the shade Exposed is a beautiful soft pinky hue if you want to add a flush of colour to the skin as well as sculpt the complexion too. 

MAC EYESHADOWS: There is a reason why MAC shadows are not only fail safe in the beauty industry but are regularly found in the everyday girls makeup bag too. They're just great and not horribly expensive for the quality and the freedom to build your own palette is enough to suck any beauty lover in. If you're a fan of a light champagne eye that doesn't lean too far towards to pink side of champagne the shade Naked Lunch is neutral eye perfection. And for inner corner highlight goodness Shroom is also a fail safe. 

What beauty products do you highly recommend?

R x

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