The Best TV Shows To Binge Watch

Binge watching a great tv show is one of my favourite things to do. And if I do say so myself it's something that I'm rather good at and whilst it's terrible for my productivity levels it's something I adore doing. I've rounded up my favourites to share with you today, there's a mix of everything so you're bound to find something to meet your binge watching needs. 


If you're a serious binge watcher and love something that has long episodes and a lot of seasons then Grey's Anatomy is a fail safe show. It starts following 5 surgical interns in their first year working at a hospital and is mostly told through the perspective of the main character Meredith Grey. Over the many years that it's been on the air there have been so many changes in the show that you can never get bored of the heart-wrenching plot twists that Shonda Rhimes throws into play.  


Parks & Rec is a show that I think takes a little bit of time to get into but once you're into the second season it's such an awesome programme to watch. It's a mockumentary centred around people who work at the parks and recreation department of the government. The episodes are only short so if you're a lover of racing through a series and don't have a lot of time shows like this are a great option Whilst the subject matter of P&R doesn't sound all that exciting it's the charming characters that will keep you coming back for more. 


Another mockumentary based on the office workers of the fictional paper company Dundler Mifflin. The cast of The Office is what makes this show so incredible and why it's still so well loved even years after the finale. If you're a lover of a lot of dry wit and sarcasm then you're bound to love this show. But the relationship of the awesome characters will keep you coming back for more. And I challenge anyone who doesn't find themselves deeply invested in Pam & Jim's relationship. 


I feel like F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a comfort tv show. It's something that you can put on at any season and any episode and still find yourself being sucked in.  The jokes never get old and it never fails to make me want to move to NY and have a friend dynamic like that. Even though it's not all that relatable to my life I still find myself getting sucked in and getting emotionally invested in all the characters all over again. 


This is the only British TV show that I've got to share with you today but it's a great one. It's a historical period drama set in Yorkshire and surrounds the Crawley family who are rich aristocrats and their servants. When summarised like that I realise it doesn't sound all that enticing but for a period drama it's incredibly quick paced and it's filled with plenty of thrill and scandal. 


This a show that I never thought I would get so sucked into. It's follows two brothers, Michael & Lincoln and their quest to break out of prison. Lincoln has been wrongfully accused of killing the vice president's brother and is sentenced to death by the electric chair. There are so many twists and turns in their story that you can never get bored. The ending of this show is pretty disappointing but in general it's a great show. 


On the surface, GG is everything that I normally dislike with a passion when it comes to tv. It's a highly dramatised show but for that reason, it makes for great watching. And even though I'm sure not many of us can relate to the lives of young teenagers on the Upper East Side of Manhatten it's a great show to lose yourself in. It's originally based on a book but I'm not sure how closely it follows the storyline. But if you find yourself loving the show then it might be worth looking into the books too. 


My latest binge watching obsession is Dexter. It follows Dexter Morgan, a blood splatter analyst who also happens to be a serial killer. However, he kills by a code and only murders people who have truly heinous things in their lives. What makes this a great show to binge watch is that it includes a little bit of everything. You have the thrill of the murders and questioning whether he will ever get caught but then there is the family side of Dexter. And it's so interesting to see the contrast between the two sides of the character. 

What are your favourite shows to binge watch?

R x

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