9 Awesome Beauty Discoveries

2015 has been a great year beauty wise, I've discovered so many awesome products that I think I might struggle to round them all up into one post when 2016 hits so I'm sharing 9 of them with you today. 

CLINIQUE EVEN BETTER FOUNDATION:  It takes a lot for a foundation to really wow me. With the likes of the YSL Youth Liberator and the Laura Mercier Silk Creme being two staples in my beauty stash. This base from Clinique wowed me upon first application and continues to do so each time I apply it. It's a relatively full coverage offering that can either be built up for a completely flawless finish or sheered out a little.  No matter how much you seem to apply this never looks like you've dunked your face in a bucket of foundation. The lasting power is fantastic, it even withstood the heatwave we had in the UK and it was a miracle that anything stuck around in that climate. Its only downside is the shade range isn't all that forgiving for super pale skins, but other than it's an incredible base. 

TOO FACED HANGOVER X PRIMER: A brand that's come into its own this year is Too Faced and I've trialled a few products from the line and loved them. This primer is one of the brands latest releases and it's received a good amount of buzz online. Which is completely justified as it's a beautiful base, it doesn't any glitter or shimmer. A rarity for such a glow-inducing primer such as this,  it's so forgiving on the skin no matter what the condition. It's not a primer that will add hours of wear time to your base, but it will keep it looking undeniably fresh all day. 

CLAUDIA LOUCH INTENSE LASH MASCARA*: Regular readers of my beauty content will know that I've been in love with the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara this year. But, I think this mascara from skincare brand Claudia Louch might have knocked it off the top spot. The brush sets this mascara apart from the rest as it grips so tightly onto the lashes giving you a lot of volume and lift. As well as an awesome brush the formula is great too, no smudging or flaking in sight.  It's not a cheap mascara, which seems to be a bad habit I find myself falling into as I know there are many awesome high street options out there. However, it's worth the money in my opinion. 

TOO FACED CHAMPAGNE SHADOW INSURANCE: Ever since receiving this in April I've not worn eyeshadow without applying it underneath. Eye primers are something I couldn't make my mind up about as I never felt that they made a difference, but this one does. It helps the shadow adhere to the eye and it doesn't budge at all throughout the day. So, if you find that your shadows tend to crease this could be the perfect addition to your beauty routine. Staying power aside, it's a beautiful shade either worn alone or underneath a shadow. It sits perfectly in the middle of the champagne spectrum, it doesn't lean too pink or too yellow. 

CLINIQUE POP LIP IN PLUM POP*: I worked with Clinique on the campaign for this release and the Pop Lips have been a staple in my beauty stash ever since. The shade Plum Pop has become a particular favourite as it's unlike anything else I own.  I'm a sucker for anything berry toned as I find it so complimentary against my green eyes and fair skin tone. The Pop Lip formula is fantastic as they are creamy, but have an opaque finish on the lips whilst still being hydrating. The added addition of a built-in primer is nothing short of genius too and something I would love in all my lipsticks. 

PACO RABANNE OLYMPÉA PERFUME*: Since this fell through my letterbox I've found it difficult to wear anything else as it's just so dreamy. I'm a sucker for any fragrance that contains vanilla and this contains salted vanilla which makes it slightly masculine and I adore that in my perfumes. Scent descriptions aren't my strong point so I'll keep it short, but I have to mention the art deco packaging. Paco Rabanne isn't a brand I usually rate for their packaging, but this is stunning. 

1001 REMEDIES MAGIC SKIN*: My skin has never looked so good as it did this summer and, of course, that sounds arrogant, but it's true. Without a breakout in sight and this product taking care of any scarring, I've never felt better going makeup free as I did in those months. Now I've stopped using it I've noticed a big difference in how quickly my skin is healing from breakouts. It lives up to its title as it's absolutely magical and something I'm going to make a permanent staple in my routine.

ANTIPODES HOSANNA H20 SERUM*: This is sneaky as I wanted to mention hydrating serums on a whole as they've made a huge difference in my complexion. For years, I wasn't treating my skin type appropriately as I wasn't sure what skin type I had. I suffer quite badly with dehydration which is from completely different to having dry skin. By using hydrating serums, it's helped my skin retain moisture and become plump to the touch. Which in turn has generally made me look a lot healthier than I have done in the past. My skin also has oily tendencies so I used to fear using such nourishing products in case they broke me out.  But, I've never had any issues with products like this. 

OSKIA RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL*: I can be pretty skeptical when it comes to such hyped skincare. This cult product from Oskia is incredibly popular within the beauty community, but with good reason. It's a beautiful cleanser that is nourishing without being as heavy as your typical balm. With ingredients like pumpkin enzymes, it helps to brighten up the complexion as well as giving the skin a deep cleanse without ever being stripping or overpowering. 

What have been your favourite beauty discoveries of the year?

R x

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