A Beauty Routine For When You've Been Caught In The Rain


If you live in the UK you will probably understand why this post is popping up in your subscription feed rather than those who reside in sunnier climates. After way too many days of being caught in torrential downpours with my dog [hence her adorable Rifle Paper Co collar in the photographs] and coming home with rain dripping off me it made me think about this post idea. Because you will know that when you get caught in the rain once it's bad enough but the third day of squelching home there were a few beauty routines that I went to in order to make myself feel human once again and here they are if you have also been caught in the rain lately. 



Typically I'm a bath person and would always pick a bath over a shower any day of the week. But when you need to get warm and fast there is nothing better than a piping hot shower because who wants to stand around waiting for a bath to run? Feeling the warm water rush over you is a truly wonderful feeling. And if you can't get in the shower for whatever reason it's so important to get warm and get your wet clothes off you so that you don't get a cold. It sounds like such a parental piece of advice but there is nothing worse and nobody wants to get sick if they can help it can they?


I'm not somebody who likes to wash my hair at all, I wait every 5 days and that's just what works for me and my hair. And after a couple of instances of trying to let my hair dry after it being dripping wet, I realised how gross it felt and the only option was to give it a good wash. I mentioned the Maria Nila Pure Volume Shampoo & Conditioner* a few posts ago and I'm on my final uses of it. I've been switching between this and the Davines OI shampoo & conditioner*. It's such a good volumising option as it adds lift that lasts as well as moisture but it's not so heavy that it weighs down your tresses. Washing your hair might seem like an almighty faff but it definitely helps for getting warmed up and feeling fresh once again. 



I'll save you the typical spiel I could give you about the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil*. Because even though it's an absolutely beautiful product it is very expensive and definitely not something I can afford to use on a daily basis. A much more fun option, although not so luxurious but still nourishing on the skin is the Bilou Tasty Donut Shower Foam*. If you've ever used a shower foam you not only know how fun they are but also how good they feel on the skin as well as being incredible to shave with. The Bilou range is not only vegan and cruelty-free but they have some of the dreamiest scents around. I'm torn between the Tasty Donut and Pink Melon, both so delicious.


Once you've washed your hair, got warm and of course clean. Now it's time to rehydrate your skin, chances are that if you've been caught in the rain your skin will feel absolute horrid all over. I not only like to nourish my body with a thick butter like the Soap & Glory Righteous Butter, a beautiful body product that adds such a dreamy dose of moisture. But I, of course, like really nourish my complexion, getting caught in a downpour is bad enough anyway but it's even worse it would seem when you're wearing a full face of makeup. Not only is it running everywhere but then when you finally get it all removed your left with a tight and dry complexion, there is a whole host of products that can help with this but one product that I'm really enjoying at the moment is the Pestle & Mortar Hydrate Moisturiser*. It's so light that it feels instantly soothing and the hyaluronic acid gives an instant hit of hydration to the skin and brings relief.


There is only so much good a beauty routine can do but a fresh set of clothes, a warm blanket even better if you have one that heats up and a fresh set of clean dry clothes is the final steps of this routine. If you don't have to leave the house again then, of course, a soft pair of sweatpants, a warm jumper and the softest socks you can find is the perfect outfit. Then to finish a hot drink of choice, if I'm flagging this will always be coffee but if not then fruit tea is ideal. Some people absolutely hot drinks but when you're freezing cold and need to feel warm inside they always do the trick.


What are your caught in the rain essentials?

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