Awesome Online Content That Has Inspired Me Lately


I'm not sure if that fresh start September feeling has finally started to kick in but this week I've felt so inspired to create. And I definitely go through big lulls when it comes to my inspiration which I think is totally normal when you're in a creative field. We're never going to perform our best every day as much as we might like and it can be so frustrating. But like I said, this week I've felt full of beans and absolutely loved sitting down at my desk and here are the pieces of content that have really inspired me from blog posts to podcasts.

I've loved Kelsey's blog from the day that I discovered it and this post is no exception. It's all about how she scored her dream job without really any credentials. I think it's so easy to get bogged down in what you do and don't have when it comes to job hunting and this post reminded me that sometimes you don't always need everything you should have to get something you know you would be awesome at.

I shared this post a few weeks ago on Twitter but I just had to mention it in this post. I always love finding out how people plan and organise their blog posts and this post from my favourite blogging pal Tenneil is beautiful. We share a very similar system apart from she is a big fan of slow blogging which I always love as I always get excited when she posts something new because I never expect it. And it totally inspired me to get a little bit more creative with how I plan my content in my notepad.


Whenever photographer Freya Dawson returns to Canada I'm always so excited to see the beautiful content that she produces. Not only are the images to this post an absolute dream but her words are so magical too. There is just something about what Freya produces that always makes me feel like I can take the leaps that scare me and I'm never as alone in my worries and doubts as I might think.

The Ordinary has had a huge amount of hype online and it's all been a little overwhelming for me to be honest. Of course, all the reviews are incredibly positive but it can be a little bit of a minefield to wade through. Jessica's post breaks all the products down beautifully and she really knows her stuff so I 1000% trust what she's saying and she's the only person who has really made me want to pick up anything from the brand.

One of the first blogs that I truly fell in love with was Vivianna Does Makeup which was what Anna's blog used to be called. Last year she rebranded and relaunched last year as The Anna Edit. This post was such an amazing look over the last year and I'm always excited to see what Anna has coming up next. I loved what she said about when you've grown a business that you can't just turn your back on it, it's so true and something I regularly think about.

  • Ctrl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon - Giovanna Fletcher: Even though I'm not a parent and don't intend on being one anytime soon I always love to listen to interviews with Giovanna Fletcher. The way that she talks about parenthood is so painfully honest and it really breaks down those white picket fences which I think is so important. 
  • Hey, It's Ok - Bryony Gordon: I've been listening to a lot of podcasts with Bryony Gordon this year as I absolutely adore her. She's the only person who I've found to talk about mental illness and OCD in particular in such an honest way. She's one of those ladies that I'd really love to meet in real life one day as she just listening to her podcasts has helped me so much with my own mental health struggles this year. . 

What content has inspired you lately?

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