A Beauty Topic To Sink Your Teeth Into

Weirdly, teeth are a topic that it rarely spoken about in the beauty world. Which is surprising really when it's such a huge industry and there is so much pressure to have perfectly straight white teeth. In the past few years, I've really pushed myself to take better care of my teeth and my oral hygiene in general and here are a few of my favourite products to use. 


PEARL DROPS BEAUTY SLEEP*: This is a whitening treatment that you apply directly onto your teeth and leave it on overnight. So it's best to do it directly before you go to sleep as obviously drinking anything will wash it away. I've never found this to cause any sensitivity or irritation but it's something that takes a little longer to notice a difference from. If you don't want to make a dramatic difference with whitening and just want to get rid of surface stains then this a great little product to add to your evening routine. 

CREST WHITE STRIPS: I don't think there is anyone in the beauty world who hasn't heard of these whitening strips. And there an absolute pain to get hold of in the UK but in the USA they're relatively simple to find. If you really want to get your mitts on them they can be found on the likes of eBay but be wary when purchasing. The version I've tried are the adhesive strips rather than the trays and they're easy and fuss free to use. With a couple of uses, I did notice a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. But they made them so sensitive even when I wasn't eating or drinking they really ached. And sensitivity isn't something that I struggle with at all usually and I did expect it slightly but it was pretty unbearable. For me, I don't think having brilliant white teeth is worth the pain of the sensitivity and I've found other methods that haven't caused me sensitivity at all that I prefer. 

JANINA WHITENING TRAYS*: After having such a bad experience with the Crest white strips I was quite dubious as to how my teeth would react to whitening trays. The Janina brand takes a less aggressive but still effective route to whitening your teeth and after trialling a number of their products. I would say by far the one that I noticed the biggest difference from was the trays. They're super comfortable to use and don't dig into your gums and the formulation of the whitening product is so good. It's kind and gentle to the teeth but you can still notice a considerable difference in colour. They're sold in a pack of 5 and you can use them every day for 5 days or use them once a week and that's how I've used them and still noticed a difference. 


ORAL B ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH: For years I was one of those people that didn't think they could get used to an electric toothbrush because you have to allow it to do the work for you. But switching from manual to electric has made such a big difference in my teeth, it makes it so much easier to give them a proper clean and it makes it a lot more difficult to miss right at the back of your mouth. Something else that put me off going for an electric toothbrush was the price, you not only have the initial expense of buying it. But then you need to buy the heads and in stores, they can be incredibly pricey. For the majority of the toothbrushes out there you can find unbranded heads from the likes of eBay and Amazon that are at a much more affordable. 

FLOSSING WANDS: There was a recent article released on The Guardian that debunked the whole concept of flossing even though the dentist has been telling us to do it for years. Confusing I know but it's still something I do on a daily basis as I have found it makes a big difference and generally makes my mouth feel a lot cleaner. Traditional string floss is never something that I've got a long with so I prefer to use the little flossing wands and I find them a lot easier to use and make the whole concept of flossing a lot more fuss free. 

What are your favourite oral hygiene and whitening products?

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