How To Be Your Own Motivation & Inspiration

Something I'm guilty of is waiting for inspiration and motivation to magically arrive. And in the past, I've written posts all about finding inspiration in so many different ways and from various sources. But not once have I spoken about how you can be your own inspiration and motivation. We all have things in our life that make us feel like we can take on anything that comes our way and that's awesome but here are a few ways that you can do those things yourself without relying on anything or anyone else. 


Maybe it's just a British thing but as a nation, we're not very good at celebrating or praising ourselves. Which is pretty sad but it's true, I don't know a soul out there who is good at receiving a compliment. And doesn't respond with 10 reasons why they could have done it better or why what they've achieved isn't really that good. When you're feeling low and full of self-doubt sometimes just simply remembering everything you've achieved in life is a simple but great way to motivate yourself. 


I'm sure that we all have those people in our lives that are incredible at lifting us up when we need it and giving us a great pep talk that makes us feel like we can do anything we want. And it probably sounds a little ridiculous and I'm not suggesting that you sit and chat to yourself all day long [although if that's your thing go ahead]. But mentally pepping yourself up and reminding yourself that you're not only capable but awesome at what you want to do is a great thing to do for yourself. Treating yourself exactly like you would treat your best friend might seem like an odd concept but we should all be as kind to ourselves as we would be to them. 


Whilst having outside sources of inspiration and motivation is awesome they're not always reliable and often not permanent. But if there is one thing that you can always rely on it's yourself. Having a good positive relationship with yourself is one of the most valuable things you can have. Of course, it's something that's so much easier said than done and it definitely takes time and constantly changes. But being able to count on and raise yourself up no matter the situation is incredibly important. .


Being arrogant has an incredibly bad connotation and in general, it's not the most attractive quality to have. However, having the confidence in yourself to know that you can achieve what you're aiming for is so important in any aspect of life. Talking yourself down and telling yourself that you're not good to do anything is incredibly easy and almost a natural process. But having that slight edge of arrogance and confidence when approaching something can make all the difference in the world. And even if you don't totally believe it yourself, there's a reason why people tell you to fake it till you make it. 


Like most people whenever I try to do something new I always get quite fearful of what could happen. But the best thing about fear is that it comes in waves and before it gets to the point that it gets too scary it can be incredibly motivating. Once you know how your brain processes fear then you can manipulate it and make it work in your favour instead of crippling you which is something that fear can easily do within seconds. 


I'm almost 100% positive that's a byline for Dr Pepper but there is always a reason not to do something. No matter what you do in life something can go wrong. You could stay inside forever and some something detrimental could still happen. I'm a big believe that the only reason to not do something is if you're putting yourself or anyone else in danger mentally or physically. Or doing something that is completely reckless like trying to sell ice over the internet. And it's so easy to give yourself a million and one hypothetical reasons not to do something. But you can also counteract those thoughts with a list of reasons to do something and that's the one to listen to. 

How do you motivate & challenge yourself?

R x

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